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Milton Kremer

Milton Kremer from Landia: A director's big specialization should be curiosity above all

06 de agosto de 2018

The Argentinean director Milton Kremer began shooting fashion videos before finishing high school. At 21, he joined Landia and very soon was making videos with Iggy Pop in Miami and with Perry Farrell in Buenos Aires. His work stands out thanks to the love and care he gives each piece he shoots.

1. How did you begin directing?
I started shooting at 7, 8 some sort of comics with Playmobils with a Mini DV my parents had and some VHS I used to edit with Play/Rec. Ten years later, I continued filming but in the world of fashion with Brian Kazez, my first great ‘influencer’. Later, I learned to direct when I joined Landia, my second home, where I learned everything I know from the best.

2. Do you have any specialization in commercial direction?
A director´s big specialization should be curiosity above all. After that, the tags others need to rate you as a director of... I don´t feel comfortable with these terms because I do different things all the time, and the constant learning the same process generates makes you pass from being a fashion director to a director with humor with only one project or month.

3. How would you describe your visual style?
I think this question should be answered by someone who has worked with me, I don´t know the answer. Anyway, the visual style is an almost inevitable consequence of a long process. The final image you see when you are shooting is anecdotic. At some point, there is previous work jointly among all the areas, conceptual ping pongs, trials, and errors, etc. The most interesting thing is to be able to convey ideas, people, places, and stories that take place in your most personal scene, nearby or under, where those things have nothing to do with a client´s or agency´s, and suddenly you are all co-existing really well on a shooting set. How to manage to have a poem by Mariano Blatt as the voice-over for a Coca-Cola commercial: a lovely contradiction.

4. Do you currently have any fiction project underway?
Every day I write a scene. I still don´t know what for, but I need to do it, it is almost therapeutic. I guess one day they will all come together like a huge puzzle and time will tell what format they belong in, but there is a sensation of wanting to go on to the long play. I am currently in the post-production process of a documentary called Connected, that unites different worlds in a single place like the DJ Hernan Cattaneo shows in the Colon Theater.

5. How has your experience with Landia been?
My experience at Landia was and is spectacular, that is why I have never worked for another production company. At times, it was like playing with a huge Scalectrix at full speed, on increasingly winding and complex tracks. With that adrenaline and euphoria, I was taught with great accuracy, patience, and training to improve and find the lesson in each project. Those two worlds of cautious speed generated something awesome. It is like being a passenger in a trance, a true love is like being asleep and being awake, said Charly.

Production Company:
Landia, USA
Contact: Juan Taylor
T +1-310-581-0519

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