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Mr. López

Mr. López from Shooters Films: I have very good memories from my beginning that helped me value what I have

27 de agosto de 2018

The Argentinean filmmaker Sebastián López, known as Mr. López decided at a very early age that school wasn´t for him and he found his passion in the world of cinema, photography, graphics and edition. Since then, he has gradually educated himself in each one of these fields.

From the first moment he began shooting for the biggest agencies and brands in the region, such asMcCann Erickson Mexico, Ogilvy New York, El Cielo Argentina, Coors Light, Motorola, Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Honda, Sedal and many more.

1. How did you start directing?

I began directing at the age of 19 with a campaign for Camel forAgulla & Baccetti that at the time was one of the most important ones. Before that, I made amateur short films and videos. This was something very special, since the agency staked everything hiring a young guy who was very eager but had little experience. It was an amazing experience that launched me into this great adventure.

2. What was your first approach to a camera?

The enthusiasm for telling stories with images led me to come across a camera someone lent my family. After that moment, a very low-quality Camcorder S-VHS followed, then a Sony Hi8, also of terrible quality, after that a Mini DV. I have very memories from that beginning that helps us value what we have, since now we shoot with the best cameras available.

3. How would you define your visual style?

I like to think I can handle an aesthetic that sometimes has more to do with genres, more inclined towards visual storytelling.

4. Do you currently have any fiction project?

I am in the final stage of a shortfilm, working on the 3D animation mixed with live action. It is a fiction story I wrote and directed. It is about a character that cannot die.

5. What brands have you worked with recently?

The last work I did was for Bavaria with a commercial on Aguila beer for the 2018 World Cup. I also worked on a very important campaign for Spotify that helped rescue hundreds of homeless pets.

6. Where is Mr. López heading towards?

To infinity and beyond.

Production Company:
Shooters Films, USA
Contact: Stephanie Stockli
T +1-786-351-7228

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