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Fred  De Loof

Fred De Loof from Cortez Brothers: We are advertising

01 de octubre de 2018

The Belgian film director, Fred De Loof is specialized in directing comedy, but when a conceptual or an aesthetic approach is needed he finds the best way to tell the story. AHe defines himself as a creativity addict, who welcomes all challenges.

He studied advertising at HELHa/Sectionpub in Belgium. His first job was as creative in one of the most prestigious ad agencies of his country. As a creative, he won a CCB Awards and the first place at the Young Competition Awards in Belgium. After a few years of good and loyal service as creative he wanted to go back to his first ambition: make movies!

As a film director, he got a Bronze at Eurobest with Ouch a commercial for Immoweb. And with for Football or Father? for Love Condoms he won Silver at the One Show, Bronze at New York Festival and one shortlist in film at Cannes Lions Festival. His last short movies Pigeons shit everywhere was recognized at important festivals. Today he is finishing the post-production of his last short movie The Glorious Peanut and is preparing his first feature film Totem and a new TV show called Baraki.

1. What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Give life to the ideas that bump into my head

2. Which clients you've worked with recently?

Lidl, Leonidas, Huawei, etc.

3. What’s your central interest as a creator?

Innovate and reinnovate.

4. Who’s your ideal client?

A client Ideal, is a client in which I trust and who trust me to make the best film possible together.

5. How do you picture the future of advertising?

We are advertising (The consumer becomes the advertiser)

6. Where's Fred De Loof heading?

He becomes himself.

Production Company:
Cortez Brothers, USA
Contact: Martin Feuerstein
T +1-310-821-8280

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