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Reino Directores: We feel we have the drive to expand our creative horizon

10 de diciembre de 2018

In 2008, Andy Álvarez and Agua Torre founded Reino Buenos Aires, a boutique studio devoted to 2D and 3D animation. As image enthusiasts they have worked on projects in different media, including advertising, film and television, among others. Their greatest ambition is researching about techniques to develop an attractive image in the variety of projects they are part of. Currently they belong to the CasAbierta Producciones family, where they are begining to direct commercials beyond animation.

Q: How Reino Directores came to be?

RD: We began in 2008 as 3D Animation and VFX studio, and since then we have grown both technically and creatively.
For some time now, we have felt the drive to broaden our creative horizon and also be behind camera, not only limited to the field of digitally generated images.

Throughout our career we have worked together with renowned advertising and VFX directors, training in the art of storytelling.

Our new challenge is to be able to conceive creative pieces from the beginning to the end, so we can make use of our knowledge, and essentially contributing to strengthen the digital complement that every image needs today.

Q: How do you complement each other when creating?

RD: We come from an agency, The Community. From there we set up our studio and learned a lot about the agencies’ dynamics and clients. Today this has aid us to get involved in projects by looking at them a little from all angles.

Q: Why did you decided to make a leap to direction?

RD: It is not such a big leap, understanding that we have always been directing animated projects and shared the experience of carrying out huge projects with the best directors.

Q: Why choose CasAbierta Producciones to start directing?

RD: We have known Geo for many years and we feel that with her and her production house we have the support needed to achieve this new challenge. We always have been very well supported to express ourselves by our talented team and the required equipment. We feel that when it comes to filming projects, CasAbierta will give us that support.

Q: With which clients have you worked recently? Do you have any fiction project?

RD: Currently we’re team-working with SANTO for Sprite, developing filmed and animated pieces of which we can’t talk much because they are in process. They trusted us after developing a divine campaign for BONAQUA where the stars were animated brains. With Martín Mercado we are in some way relaunching Puntos quiero for Galicia. We have an office in Mexico with which we developed a piece for Cerveza Victoria and some other projects that we can’t comment about yet.
In fiction we are finishing a script for a project that blends the filmed world with lots of post production.

Q: Where is Reino Directores heading?

RD: The truth is that we do not know. We hope to find, in the mix of techniques, projects that we enjoy and be able to contribute with all our technical and creative know-how. The light at the end of the tunnel is always the same ... tell short stories in different ways.

Production Company:
CasAbierta Producciones, Argentina
Contact: Geo Orellana
T +1-54-11-4553-7188

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