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Daniel  Aldamiz

Daniel Aldamiz, independent DP: I’d like to think that cinematography is moving towards realism in 2019

14 de enero de 2019

Daniel Aldamiz-Echevarria was born in Cumaná, Venezuela. He has a BA in Social Communication and since the beginning of the career he became passioned about audiovisual and photography. Very early he founded, together with two university peers,  a production house called Noumena, where he developed as a director of photography working on various documentary, commercial and dramatic pieces. He currently lives in Mexico City and has already work in the photography of two independent feature films and, at the same time, has continue his role in commercial, documentary and short film production.

Q: What is your first memory with a camera?

DA: When my eight years older brother dusted off for a trip my dad's 35mm camera. It was a Nikon Nikkormat EL. I still keep it and use its optics.

Q: What is that you most enjoy about your profession?

DA: When working as a DP you work by projects and you jump from one to the other. That diversity allows me to live a lot of new experiences with many special people. I love that, it takes me away from monotony and it's always a challenge. It is also a profession in which although I get older, I can always work.

Q: How would you describe your visual style?

DA: I feel that my visual style has been changing, because I get bored of some ways of doing things, but at the same time I’m discovering new ways.

Q: In which projects have you worked on recently?

DA: The most recent project, where I feel as a great accomplishment and that was definitely my most important work experience in 2018, is the feature film Ritmo Alegre, directed by Alexánder Fernández and Jorge Saim.

Q: In your opinion which are the trends in photography for 2019?

DA: I’d like to think that it’s going towards realism, but I really do not know. I just want less and less CGI in the movies, please.

Q: Where is Daniel Aldamiz heading?

DA: Towards cinema. At least, one movie once a year.

Independent DP
Mexico City
Contact: Daniel Aldamiz

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