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Daniel  Benmayor

Daniel Benmayor from Milagro Films: The future of advertising are longer pieces and more daring content

28 de enero de 2019

Daniel Benmayor was born in Barcelona in 1973. He studied Film Directing and Scriptwriting as well as Advertising in Barcelona. In 1994 he earned a Film Degree in New York University. Afterwards, he grew from 1st Assistant Director for local and International directors to his debut as Director aged 23.

He has worked for clients all over the world. Adidas, Nike, Mini, Playstation, Coca Cola, Pirelli, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Vodafone, Orange, Samsung, Sony, Redbull, Comcast, Degree, Mastercard, just to name a few. Daniel has directed Paintball in 2009, which had its WorldWide Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
In 2010 he directed Bruc, based on a Catalan legend set during the Spanish/French War; the movie was screened at very prestigious film festivals like the London Film Festival, Moscow Film Festival, and many more. His latest feature film Tracers, a contemporary action thriller, was shot for Hollywood studio Lionsgate entirely in New York, featuring Twilight Saga star, Taylor Lautner.

1. What is your earliest memory with a camera?

We were on a family trip on the Canary Islands and my father wanted the typical view of the car passing with the sign in the background to edit on Super8mm. He asked me and my brothers who wanted to do it and I volunteered. I was around 6 or 7 years old. I remember looking through the eyepiece that was very small and very difficult to see through. And I remember not seeing anything. Black. And thinking, "Well, if I direct it in that direction, then I´ll see whats in front, right?" I pressed the button, the film ran, and the car passed. When my father edited it and projected it at home in front of the entire family, I saw the piece of art: the car passed and everything had been shot just fine, my first shot!

2. Could you identify a central line or topic in your work?

I like to do different things and not repeat myself, although it´s complicated. The industry tends to label you and ask you to do the same thing over and over. And I wonder, how are they going to find new things if they don´t take risks? The good thing would be to as a comedy director to do an action piece, and a character director to do an animated piece, and an action director to do a comedy. Maybe fresher pieces would come out.

3. How do you see the future of advertising?

I see it with longer and more daring pieces. I think traditional advertising seems increasingly less inclined to use suggesting content, with a bit longer formats, branded content type, with characters and stories that engage beyond a gag.

4. If you could choose a brand to work with, which one would you choose and why?

Anyone who dares to do innovative things and who want to go beyond conventional work to be able to explore and create interesting pieces that connect with viewers at a human level.

5. Where is Daniel Benmayor heading?

Towards fiction and long-duration contents that explore characters and events from the human realm. That have an enlightening message and a purpose and at the same time, entertain.

Production Company:
Milagro Films, USA
Contact: Sergio Nicolau
T +1-323-460-6661

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