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Hermes Bruchmann

Hermes Bruchmann, independent director: I Am Inspired by the Possibility of People Understanding My Language

25 de marzo de 2019

The Brazilian filmmaker and musician, Hermes Bruchmann, has more than 20 years of experience in audiovisual production. He began his career in a television network in Brazil, working as a production assistant and his quest led him to directing.

He has worked in several places, such as Germany, the US and Mexico. His reel is varied and includes actors, people and products, and he has a broad array of works with automobile brands like Honda, Dunlop, Volvo and Toyota. He has been recognized with multiple awards such as the ABOUT for his work for Mercedes-Benz A Class, and directed a documentary for the NGO Conservation International starring Harrison Ford for the Ford Communication Network in Detroit.

1. What led you to become a director?

Since I was a child, I was always very observant. I was always looking for a different view wherever I went. Then, I began working as a production assitant, and I loved the possibility of transforming my vision of life into films, scenes. I though that my talent as a musician was going to help me become successful in this profession.
2. What projects have you worked on recently? Do you have any fiction projects?

Recently, I am working on a script for a television series. Everything is still very raw, but I am very eager to put it in motion. Additionally, I have several advertising projects for multinational brands.

3. What inspires you as a filmmaker?

I am inspired by the possibility of people understanding my language, my way of seeing life, my cinematic style.

4. How do you see the future of advertising?

I think that for a long time already, advertising has been constantly changing. It is the moment to be brave. We mustn´t create ties with fear. And the most difficult question is "what is the limit?" For fear, more fear. You must take risks to find an icon in creation. We are convinced that the idea is amazing and we must move forward. The future of advertising is now. And it is here.

5. How do you define your visual style?

My visual style is refined, clean, with a very clear language and message, with concern over the result as a whole. My camera doesn´t move meaninglessly. There is always a purpose. Photography, art, costume, I love it all and I am am in charge of supervising.
6. Where is Hermes Bruchmann heading?

Well, I am pursuing a dream that is to direct seried programs. However, one thing I love is to work for different cultures, different countries. That is what moves me, crossing borders, and leaving my audiovisual print in the world.

Hermes Bruchmann

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