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Alfonso Aguilar

Alfonso Aguilar from In & Out Productions: Advertising is on a good path

06 de mayo de 2019

The Mexican director Alfonso Aguilar began his career as Assistant Director working for acclaimed film directors and, at 24, he had his first opportunity to start directing. His first project was a shortfilm, for Volvo presented at an international film festival. He has worked creating memorable pieces for brands such as for brands like Nike, Powerade, Burger King, Volvo, Banamex, Old Parr Whiskey, Nestlé Crunch, Mattel, Domino's Pizza, Cerveza León, FedEx, Bimbo and Doritos. Today he is part of the In & Out Productions family.

1. How did you start directing?

When I was a direction assistant, I always tried to work more on the creative side together with the director exploring different ways to tell the story, always looking for the most adequate one, that opened many doors and opportunities for me, it always generates trust for someone to give you an opportunity to start directing, for my luck, that came very soon and it doesn’t happen often.

My first project was a campaign in which they were looking for a director from the company I worked in as an Assistant Director. The director was out of the country and couldn’t shoot it. The Executive Producer always witnessed the process I was working in and that is how they gave me the opportunity. It was a big campaign and the client was scared to have a new director, however, the producer told him “If you don’t like it, you don’t pay me. It was a difficult thing to argue over.

2. How would you describe your visual style?

I am a director that always seeks to adhere to a cinematographic reality in a very aesthetic and mainly emotional way. Details are fundamental in my projects because that is how you make viewers connect with the piece. The work with actors is essential to tell any story. Emotions are told and shown through actors.

3. Can you share more about your first feature film?

It is a story based on a journalist. A story about the value and commitment with the occupation, about the importance of journalism in a divided society and with a broken social fabric.

4. What projects have you worked on recently?

We recently shot a piece for a foundation that aims to eradicate children marriages in Mexico. It is an extremely emotional piece with very cinematographic characteristics. Luckily, it has done very well in festivals and has been very well received in Mexico and abroad with industry professionals. It has opened many doors for work and that is something that thrills us because it is a piece that defines the path we are looking for for future works. But it mainly fulfills the social cause it was created for.

5. How do you see the future of advertising?

In my experience and opinion, advertising is on a good path, in the sense that we increasingly see more ideas that seek to generate emotions, that are not staying only with the products but try to connect and making the viewer feel, wanting to make him part; and that is something I always pursue in each one of my projects. I think advertising is muting more and more into becoming a source of entertainment in which the product is the detonator, but always immerse in the story and that is where we directors find an area with a great deal of range to explore and create.

6. Where is Alfonso Aguilar heading?
At this moment I am working for the national and international market. I am also immerse in the writing of the movie, which already has producers interested in the script, and that is a good thermometer of the story I want to tell. I always try to go where the stories and projects that I am passionate about are.

Production Company:
In&Out Productions, US
Contact: Mari Tato
T +1-305-458-8020

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