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Diego Schapira

Diego Schapira from Roommate: We Were Born Thinking About The Change In Paradigm In Production

13 de mayo de 2019

Diego Schapira is the founder and Executive Producer of Roommate, a new bet in the world of audiovisual production. He has more than 20 years of experience, during which he has collaborated with brands such as Nasa, Coca-Cola, Orange, Perrier, Pepsi, 7up, Gatorade, Maybelline NY, Visa, Movistar, Stella Artois, Chiva’s, Lacoste, Claro, BNP, McDondald’s, Garnier, Air Canadá, and Adidas, among others. Also with the big agencies and directors. His productions have won in Cannes Lions, Effies, Lápiz, Diente de Oro, among others.

Where is Roommate heading?

Roommate arrived to accompany all these new paradigms, to understanding them. In fact, in each shooting we have a 100% digital unit generating contents independently for IG and FB, offering additional content to the client, which is many times more used in the long run than traditional TV commercials.

We have offices in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Buenos Aires and Madrid, which allows us when we receive a script to evaluate the best place to shoot it, thus optimizing the costs of the project.

This year we have already shot in Mexico, Colombia and Buenos Aires projects such as: KFC, KC, Samsung and Pepsico.

1. Where was the idea of creating Roommate born?

The idea was born out of thinking about a change in paradigm for traditional production and the format of teamwork with agency. I have been working in the creativity industry for many years with agencies and European directors, and many of then trust production companies when it comes to curate a line, this way, we offer agencies to be curators of their scripts, giving them options of directors totally aligned with their ideas, who can contribute even more, understanding the new work format that clients have asked for, with a great contribution of digital content as a plus.

At Roommate we are a team of Argentinean producers and directors, such as Ari Evasio, Juli Montesano, Jony Perel, Ale Rey, Hernan Bargman, Sánchez and Lucho Ruiz, among others, plus American and European directors.

2. How do you approach the production process?

The way to work in a team with an agency is to conduct a curatorship upon receiving the line. This is our main differential: to propose at least three directors, entirely aligned with the story, who will oversee the project from the beginning until the final delivery.

3. How would you define Roommate's visual style?

We search for the director who is in accordance with the style of the project, which makes us a broad production company in our visual style, accompanying the needs of every script.

4. What advice would you give a young director who is starting his career?

My advice is that today a director must be trained and be complete regarding all the new digital platforms and above all, he must innovate and explore new storytelling and image paths.

5. How do you see the future of advertising?

Advertising is constantly muting on new digital platform. This requires us to move through with adaptability, being permeable and working more and more in teams: client-agency and production company.
Diego Schapira
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