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Angelo Freda

Angelo Freda from Emotion Equipment: Shooting is a field that it’s always surprising you

10 de junio de 2019

Angelo Freda is a specialist in high-speed cinematography. He developed his career in Barcelona, Spain operating Phantom cameras and motion control RX 160L robotic arm for highspeed. He has a degree in Social Communication in audiovisual arts from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bell in Caracas, Venezuela and has diplomas in cinematography and postproduction at the ENC (Escuela Nacional de Cine de Caracas)

Q: What is what you enjoy the most about your profession?
AF: Filming is a blessing. Each piece is a new challenge, each DP has its technique and each director its style, and knowing that in each call you will have to face new situations helps you to escape from the monotony, it is a field that it’s always surprising you. You always learn something, you always discover that you can do things differently and having a direct relationship with a director of photography in which trust each other, is fundamental to carry out the project, it helps to learn and understand a particular way to see the profession, things that are not taught anywhere else. It is a very enriching work and when I see that a piece is completed, it fills me with the satisfaction that I live from what I love.

Q: Working with technology, how do you imagine the future of advertising?
AF: We are in the information age, when the imperative is to develop content constantly and at a higher quality and speed. Demand increases continuously driven by new distribution spaces that are available to more and more people, this makes of mass production of audiovisual content a need for the industry.

Recently talking about 1 Gb was amazing, but now it's nothing. Technology advances at high speed, manufacturers are increasingly adapting to technical needs which help facilitate work and provide higher quality. This inevitably will shift professions, hierarchies and work processes, just as it happened when the change from the analog to the digital era occurred, but this time will be faster. Undoubtedly, advertising will cover all the new spaces and we will adapt to new forms and processes, and not doing so would mean being left out from of the industry.

Q. With which clients have you worked with recently?
AF: I have worked with producers such as Petra Garmon, Garage Films, Antiestatico, Finesse Films, La Caña Brothers, Albiñana Films, Blur Films and also with production companies that provide a lot of service abroad such as Smile, Smiling (Portugal), Icecream Pictures, Erika Lust, My Way Productions, Falca Films and Goodgate Productions. I have participated in different projects for the brands Bimbo, Font Vella, May Tea, Cacaolat, Granini, Cerveza San Miguel, Danacol, Danone, SEAT, Nissan, Ducati, Samsung, Puma, Motorola, Nokia, Pantene and more.

P: Are you also doing fiction or film projects?
AF: Barcelona is a city known by its large production of advertising pieces. But I have collaborated with producers such as Garage Films that make pieces of video clips and La Caña Brothers, a production company devoted to fiction projects in Madrid.

P: Where is Angelo Freda heading in the future?
AF: High-speed cinematography has fed my desire to continue an experimenting and going deeper. It is a world in which you see what our eyes are not able to value, and from the first day I stumble into it, I haven’t stop to continue deepening and specializing more. Of course, making the leap to direction of photography in fiction is an ever-present goal, however, I do not see myself leaving the highspeed world, but being a more and more specialized professional in this area of cinematography.

Emotion Equipment, España
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