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Amit Mehta

Amit Mehta from Fancy Content: The best opportunities in the future advertising will be the least obvious ones

17 de junio de 2019

Amit Mehta has a passionate affinity for the awkward, the absurd, the awkwardly absurd and the absurdly awkward. Through stories both everyday and epic, his work reflects a commitment to performance, minimalism rooted in character and situation.

Since launching his directing career on a Comcast campaign, he has shot for a variety of clients including Google, Mercedes, ESPN, Volkswagen, McDonald’s and Ford. His Super Bowl ads for BMW enjoyed a long subsequent run, with one earning a best-of nod from TIME Magazine Entertainment.

In his earlier forays into theater, film and television, Amit has logged thousands of laptop hours in numerous coffeehouses, co-wrote the film Scenes of the Crime starring Jeff Bridges, and shared screen time with chimpanzees.

Amit’s sporting loyalties are unusually divided between having previously lived in Milwaukee, New Delhi and Philadelphia. He now calls LA home when not on the road for a shoot or pretending to be a Berlin resident.

1. What's your first memory with a camera?
Taking an 'accidental selfie’ with the Polaroid camera my parents had just bought and left on the kitchen counter. (But before that, I was all about the tape recorder I got for my birthday and used to create mock newscasts and movie trailers for my own amusement.)

2. How would you define your visual style?
Elevated cinematic realism.

3. Which was your last project?
A cross-promotional campaign for Volkswagen and Disney's live action Aladdin film for Ogilvy in Dubai. Yes, we shot in the desert!

4. How do you picture the future of advertising?
Even more fragmented, with everyone claiming as many ownable fragments as they can. The best opportunities will be the least obvious ones.

5. Is there any specific brand you'll like to work with?
There are many doing the kind of work that’s right up my alley — Snickers, Geico, Progressive, Hyundai, Old Spice, Mint Mobile, to name just a few. And of course, I’d love to keep building on my bigger canvas car comedy work.

6. Where's Amit Mehta heading?
To Shake Shack.

Production Company:
Fancy Content, US
Contact: Robert Wherry

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