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Enrique Blein

Enrique Blein, independent DP: Going in and out of so many landscapes and lives is what I enjoy the most

24 de junio de 2019

Enrique Blein began his career as an editor and has continued growing until now. After finishing his university studies, and working a few years in the industry as an editor, he decided to continue studying and took a three-year course in The London Film School, specializing as a photography director, both in video and in 35 mm. Since the year 2000, he has taken part in feature films, commercials and documentaries (Biography Channel, A&E, History Channel, Discovery Latin America) in several countries up to the present. He now lives in the US.

1. What is your first memory with a camera?

I remember at the age of 13, on a very long excursion almost a month long, I didn´t know anyone in the group nor spoke the language and my only distraction was an old photo Olympus, many film rolls and the entire spectacular landscape that surrounded me: The Swiss Alps.

2. When did you decide to devote yourself to photography directing?

I think I started feeling an interest in photography directing when I was an editor. Seeing other photography directors´ material encouraged me to go out and seek the images I wanted. I had been an editor for about five years when I decided to pursue my studies in cinema (The London Films School) to take a three-year course in photography directing.

3. What do you most enjoy in your profession?

The variety of work: Going in and out of so many landscapes and lives. The challenge of making the most of each opportunity I come across, taking a proposal to its full extent in terms of technical possibilities, elaborate the material I want to be edited for the vast majority of it to be relevant material in the edition phase.

4. What projects have you worked on recently?

I recently took part in the biography of David Villa, futbolista español, for A&E based in N.Y.

5. What is your advice for photography directors who are beginning?

To edit their material and see how they decide to put one shot after another. There is nothing like seeing your own mistakes. If no one makes any comments, as it happens often, they can find out editing.

6. Where is Enrique Blein heading?

My goal has been to settle in Miami this past year as a freelance photography director and I would like to grow stronger in the field of documentaries, mainly regarding nature. I grew up surrounded by National Geographic magazines, I think I have had this dream since I was a child.

Enrique Blein, US
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