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Martín Donozo

Martín Donozo of BlackVan Films: I try to tell stories from the camera and the light

15 de julio de 2019

Martín Donozo trained in filmmaking at the CIC (Cinematographic Research Center Buenos Aires) where he graduated in 2006. He filmed several short films, one Un fotógrafo (A photographer) was awarded at several international festivals. He has worked in film and advertising since 2005 and has directed a large number of commercials in Argentina and around region.

He has contributed with important brands related to telecommunications, sports, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, public goods and, recently, vehicles. In 2018 he won international awards at festivals such as Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, Isaac Awards, the Eye and Fiap. He was also recognized as the second-best director in El Ojo de Iberoamérica. In 2019 he was awarded the Platinum Pencil for the best digital commercial by Movistar Perspectivas, also winning international awards such at The One Show, NY Festival, ADC, Epica, Echo, and his work “Shots” has been recognized among the best 100 commercials in the world in 2018.

Q: What is your first memory with a camera?

MD: Was during my childhood. My parents had bought a VHS-C camera to portray summer vacations, birthdays and other moments. More than playing with it to film my parents or my grandmother, I remember that we recorded small video clips with my cousin in my house, my mom used to pick a musical theme and my cousin sang, danced and I filmed her. That's when my relationship with a camera began.

Q: How would you define your visual style today?

MD: I try to give each project that I film a turnaround from a visual perspective. We are all different and at the same time, there is something of me that everyone has, so they have a point of connection. My style is more narrative, I'm interested in telling stories, working with actors and adding something that was not there before to make the film mine.

My search first involves understanding the script, analyzing it and understanding what’s the message in it. I build through the message, "What do we want to tell with this?", "Where are we going?". Once this is understood, I try to tell the story from the camera and the light, I take advantage of all the resources that the cinema gives us to be able to show the way I want a scene. I rely a lot on art, wardrobe, and above all, on the actors.

Q: In which projects have you worked on recently?

MD Recently we were with BlackVan filming in Los Angeles content of Social Media for Toyota, with the people of Conill. A very interesting project with Jorge Campos, a Mexican and worldwide legendary soccer player. We filmed a campaign where we saw Jorge playing and explaining how to do it in difficult terrain, just like the Toyota trucks do. We filmed in the California desert. It was spectacular!

Previously, I filmed the Perspectives campaign for Movistar, a project on cyberbullying that won numerous awards at international festivals. I was also filming in Haiti a very nice campaign for Pepsi.

Q: What book or music album has accompanied you throughout your career?

MD: The truth is that many. If I have to mention an album, it's The Doors - Waiting for the sun. I've been listening since I was 18 years old and I keep doing it, as it takes me to a place where I want to be. But when I have to think of an idea, how to shoot something or when I'm stuck in one, I wear my headphones and listen to the French band Air. Any album of this band helps me concentrate and align the planets.

As for books, one writer which I read all his books is Haruki Murakami. “Kafka on the shore” is a brilliant book that I reread every so often.

Q: With which brand would you like to work?

MD: I do not know if there is a particular brand. The truth is that I am interested in challenging projects, those that have something to tell, are searching for something, a style of their own. When I have a project in front of me, I try to make it my own, put all I have in it and make it grow independently of the brand. Always trying to reinforce the concept and that the message is delivered in the best possible way.

Q: Where is Martín Donozo heading to?

MD: It is interesting to ask yourself that question. I see a path that continues in the advertising industry, growing and filming for different brands, agencies and in different countries. Just doing these first jobs in the US motivated me a lot. A great experience working with BlackVan that represents me in the US Hispanic market, I was very excited about the potential to do great things.

I am also developing content; I am working with some projects in writing that I hope they could become series and films.

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BlackVan Films, US
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