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Tuto Rodríguez

Tuto Rodríguez, independent filmmaker: I like to work with brands that are willing to listen

22 de julio de 2019

Carlos “Tuto” Rodríguez is a Venezuelan filmmaker who is passionate about light, color and music. He is a graduate of the Católica Andrés Bello University, and began working in the audiovisual world eight years ago as an editor. Since then has had the opportunity to work in several positions in an array of projects, ranging from music videos to movies for the cinema.

1. What is your first memory with a camera?

I remember that when I was six years old in my house there was a Kodak film camera. I asked my mother how to use it and after she explained, I began taking pictures like crazy. I took about 100 photos, even though the camera had no film in it. I couldn´t develop them, but the feeling of seeing myself with a camera was nice.

2. When did you decide this would be your career?

When I was about to graduate from high school, my sister was already studying communications and I the things she told me about cinema caught my attention. At that moment, my best friend was going to study in Canada, and when we finished the school year, a friend and I decided to make a farewell video for her. We interviewed her family and several friends. The video turned out very nice, but the best thing for me was to see the reaction of those who saw it. I thought I could make a living out of that and here I am.

3. What do you enjoy most about your profession?

I enjoy seeing how a story can be told in many different ways, it all depends on who tells it. Cinema is a space that allows you to see things from many points of view, and they can all be told in the correct way.

4. What projects have you worked on recently?

A couple of months ago I did all the edition and postproduction of a comedy project for YouTube of the brand FLIPS, called Conflipsionario. Before that, I did the drone shots in the video Palmera del Desierto for Rawayana.

5. Is there a brand you would like to work with? Why?

I think that more than working with a brand in particular, I like to work with brands that are willing to listen to my visual proposals. Brands usually look for filmmakers that do what they want, but many of them do not listen to identity proposals that stem from the filmmaker they hire.

6. Where is Tuto Rodríguez heading towards?

Before devoting myself to this, music always accompanied me since I was a child. We are all musicians and I always wanted to link my passion for cinema with my passion for music. For two years, I have been working on a personal project called “Amay Cinema”, that is about documentaries on certain places in Venezuela that have marked me in life, and at the same time, I write the music that serves as themes for them. I´ve already finished two pieces and would like to make two more, at least. I am also dedicated to aerial cinematography with drones, and that is something I feel truly passionate about. I don´t know where all this will lead me, but I like where it has led me up to now.

Tuto Rodríguez, Venezuela
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