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Gerard de Thame

Gerard de Thame from Mutt Film: I love what I do & need no extra motivation to arrive on set

29 de julio de 2019

Gerard de Thame began his directorial career in his native England, after graduating with BA & MA honours from Chelsea School of Art and winning the prestigious Rome Scholarship.
He has gone on to establish himself as one of the biggest names in commercial filmmaking. He has won numerous awards for his work (Gold lions, D&AD's, BTAA's best commercial of the year, AICP, MOMA, Clios etc) and has directed in excess of 500 spots.

1. With all your experience, what is it that moves you to arrive at a set?

For me experience does not in any way equal complacency. On the contrary - I love what I do - & need no extra ‘motivation’ to arrive on set.

2. What is your favorite anecdote from a shoot?

A motion control shoot on a ship that hit a car 10 storm - total chaos!

3. What projects have you worked on recently? Do you have any fiction or documentary project going on?

I do. My producer & I have been developing a recent American novel for an independent movie & I have a docu project that is a long time in the making based on the notion of self image.

4. Is there a book, album or painting that has accompanied you throughout your career?

Whenever I travel abroad I carry two drawings made by each of my daughters when they were very young wishing me safe travels. They would be totally embarrassed to know this now but there you go - my choice!

5.What projects have you worked on recently?

I’m currently filming a very cool Alfa Romeo project that shoots multi state from LA, Texas and New York. Very challenging & super lit.

6. Where is Gerard de Thame going?

Hopefully forwards -ha ha! Seriously - just happy to be using my experience to be flexible enough to meet the demands of today’s ever changing markets.

Casa productora: Mutt Film, EE UU
Contacto: Shannon Lords-Houghton

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