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Francisco Pugliese

Francisco Pugliese of D’Avant Garde: I define my natural style as a camera on shoulder director

12 de agosto de 2019

Francisco Pugliese's career as a director began in his early years in his native Argentina. Son of a renowned director, his first steps began in the direction of commercials. However, he decided to go abroad to develop his career as a director, leaving aside the comfort of his family business and in the US, he took roots and created his own production house, D’Avant Garde Media.

He recently directed the Casanova // McCann Second Chances campaign for Donate Life, which won five Cannes Lions and made 10 shortlists. The campaign, that encourages people to become organ donors, has also been widely awarded within the circuit of creative festivals.

Q: Could you describe your experience in developing Second Chances?

FP: It was an excellent experience, absolutely unique, of true love and passion for the project and it was absolutely a group achievement. Both the creative and production team of Casanova // McCann, as the police and their departments that participated in the production, were in total synchrony. We were all had the same in our minds, we knew exactly what we wanted and what to achieve.

We prepared logistically to define what kind of shots we needed to cover the procedure and capture with absolute realism and without being noticed, what happens during the police procedure of stopping a vehicle when someone infringes the law while driving

The main objective was to capture everything that goes on during that procedure, including the dialogues and reactions between the police and the people behind the wheel, without being discovered. The most important thing was not to interfere or alter the reality, so we couldn’t repeat the shot since everything was real and spontaneous.

It was an excellent insurgent exercise that we could not have achieved without the absolute support of the police departments.

Q: As a director, what meant this piece for your career, regarding the number of awards it won?

FP: It was a very nice and unexpected surprise that the piece won five Lions in Cannes, it made me very happy because everyone in this project has been working in this industry for many years and such a great recognition was a gift from the universe for everyone.

Q: In which projects are you currently working?

FP: At the moment I am working on different projects with directors which represent Primo and D’Avant-Garde Media. In parallel, I am working on a documentary in coproduction with Underground for Netflix, which we hope to release before the end of the year. It is a very interesting documentary about two marginal artists from Los Angeles.

Q: How would you define today your visual style?

FP: With so many years of experience I can perform many styles and aesthetics according to what the project needs, but I could describe my natural style, undoubtedly, one with the camera on the shoulder, intimate, realistic documentary, both comedy and drama, art, nature or sports. I am a technology lover which allows us freedom and creating in more accessible ways.

Q: Is there a book, painting, record that have been with you throughout your career?

FP: Music, plastic arts and literature, in that order have been my companions throughout my life as sources of inspiration and motivation. It hasn’t been one in particular, but many that have inspired and stimulated me daily. In visual arts, David Hockney, Antonio Segui, Enio Iomi, Demirjian, Cocteau and Le Corbuisier are some of the artists that have been with me. In music I like many genres, but lately and because of the documentary I am working on, I am listening to a lot of rap from Snoop Dog, House of Pain, Cypress Hill to Oliver Tree, Marvin Gay and Oscar Peterson among others. I am very eclectic in my musical taste.

Q: Where is Francisco Pugliese heading to?

FP: To continue doing what I like, learning, enjoying more and more the processes and the people with whom I team up. Share more moments with my family and friends of the wonderful luck of being able of having a job where I do one of the many things that I love in this life. And if with my art and actions contribute in any way to make the world a better place, that will make me very happy.

Production company:
D’avant Garde Media, US
Contact: Francisco Pugliese

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