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Kane Kwick

Kane Kwick from Central Films: Each project has a different kind of magic

26 de agosto de 2019

The Spanish director, Kane Kwick, was born in Palma de Mallorca and started his career at a young age. He studied photography direction at the CECC in Barcelona and soon dedicated entirely to direction. Currently, he is an internationally renown director. He has shot in countries such as Spain, Mexico, India, Italy, France, Panama, Argentina. He has been recognized with multiple accolades such as Best Music Video in the Lower East Side Film Festival, Best Director in the Austin Music Video Festival and Best Director in the Pantalla de Cristal festival, among others.

1. How was the experience with The Traffic Jam Whopper?

The truth is that if I had to summarize in a single word the experience it would be unusual. It was a difficult production and in a format I am not used to shooting a project with too many variables where everything could happen. We had to monitor the requests and follow the bikers across the city with two cameras and two drones, all this in the traffic of Mexico City that greatly complicates the efficiency of our transfers. We had a bunch of pre-production meetings with the whole team, choosing the restaurants and the areas with greatest traffic congestion in the hours when we predicted the action could take place. Obviously, sometimes we got it right, and others not. But it was fun each time we were on “persecution” mode.

2. What is it like to work with We Believers and Burger King?

Working with We Believers was a genuine pleasure, we got into the kitchen since pre-production trying to shape the best way to explain the great idea they brought. We had many calls on Skype with Gus and all his team and we tossed ideas around. We knew that everything we thought on paper might not happen on shooting days. We were able to predict some things, others, we improvised along the way. There was great understanding with the band, and many hours stuck in traffic.

With Burger King as a client it was great fun to work. They believed in the idea and gave us absolute freedom to be able to execute it. They understood the nature of the project from the beginning and supported us a great deal.

3. How would you describe your visual style?

Good question, and very difficult to answer about oneself... I enjoy changing the tone and trying different styles (like this one we shot for Burger King), although coming from photography, I must confess I try to be very careful with the visual aesthetics of my projects, having images and few words is where I feel most comfortable. I try to understand in depth what I want to say and convey the sensations I feel while I listen to a song or read a script transforming it into images. I think I work that way. Each project has a different kind of magic, to be honest, I tend to fall in love with all the projects and dedicate many hours to each. I am very dedicated. Even though all this self-defining thing is a bit strange for me, I think the best is that each person judges for himself.

4. What projects are you currently working on? Do you have any fiction?

I just finished working on a campaign in India for Trivago with Central Films. It has been a difficult but very fun project! I was able to able to shoot my first Bollywood ad and it has been a great deal of fun. We were avoiding the monsoon, and we made it! We shot five days distributed among Mumbai, Ladakh and Jaipur A gem!
Yes I have a couple of fiction pieces, the last one was a request for the Panama Canal, where we worked with five amazing kids as talents, with Jordi Planell as photographer and an excellent y un excelente crew panameño. Another amazing experience with great learning. Now, I am preparing a small fiction-videoclip with my dear Marco Paul Qwéwa that we are thrilled with.

5. Are there any brands you wold like to work with?

Adidas, Nike … I am very eager to do something of that sort… And of course, fashion brands. I feel very comfortable in that area . I like it very much.

6. Where is Kane Kwik heading?

Well to continue working, growing professionaly and to keep ejoying what I feel passionate about.

Production Company:
Central Films, Mexico
Contact: Mauricio Francini
T +52-1-55-2755-7106

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