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Fatty from Oruga Films: I love to recreate atmospheres that feel real and plausible

21 de octubre de 2019

The filmmaker Fabio Iastrebner, known by everyone as Fatty, was born in Buenos Aires. His life took a radical twist when he won an advertising contest about HIV organized by América TV, that allowed him to obtain a scholarship to study filmmaking in the New York Film Academy.  

With more than 20 years of experience in advertising films, Fatty started his career as assistant for great Argentine directors such as Lucho Bender, Fabian Bielinsky and Andy Fogwill. He studied cinema, theater and script. Since 2004 he directs commercials for companies like Speedy, Purina, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Unilever, Pepsi, Barcel, Mondelez y Danone, among others.

He has won awards in the following festivals Ojo, Diente, Fiap, Sol, Martín Fierro and Lápiz de Platino. He lives humor, comedy, storytelling, cinematography and work with actors, children and celebrities. He is thrilled by the challenge of working with people who are not used to acting, highlighting his work with sportsmen.

1. How did you start directing?

I started directing because I loved to tell stories. When I was a cinema student I made short films. Soon after, I became part of the direction and casting team of Lucho Bender, and I feel in love with advertising. I was lucky to work and learn next to the greatest advertising directors in Argentina. Directing was the evolution and continuation of that process.

2. What projects have you worked on recently? Are you currently working on any fiction of documentary project?

Recently, I worked in the last Beldent campaign and on the launch of Wapas for Barcel in Mexico. Unfortunately, I haven´t worked on any fiction project, but would love to. Right now, I am working on a script that at first was conceived as a feature film, and I am now adapting it for a series.

3. How would you define your visual style?

I would love to recreate atmospheres that feel real and plausible.

4. What is the difference between working with actors and people who are not actors?

I love to work with both, and depending on the project, I recommend one or the other. I think in advertising in general we work at a tremendous speed, which makes find the right stimulus to find what you want, whether with actors or not, the most important thing. For me, the big difference is that with actors, they know what they will be facing and rely on their experience, but non-actors instead need to adapt to the set to give their best in a natural way.

5. Is there a book, paiting, record that has accompanied you throughout your career?

Teoría del Montaje Cinematográfico (Theory of Film Editing) by Sánchez-Biosca was my bible during the first shootings.

6. Where is Fatty heading?

To recover the passion for telling stories in any format and support. Today, it is clearer than ever that people like good stories.

Production Company:
Oruga Films, Argentina
Contact: Silvina Caballero

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