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Gabriela Tagliavini

Gabriela Tagliavini from Shooters: My style always has quality, elegance and at the same time humor

24 de febrero de 2020

Gabriela Tagliavini is an award-winning filmmaker who has directed seven feature films. She recently directed a film for Netflix, A Pesar de Todo, released in 190 countries and 18 languages on May 4, 2019. In 2018, Gabriela sold a TV pitch to Amazon Studios to develop her own TV series entitled My Problem With Women produced by former NBC topper Ben Silverman.

As a screenwriter, she wrote the English remake of the prestigious Luis Buñuel’s film Belle De Jour and adapted the best-selling novel The Anatomist for by HBO Films. She is also a renowned author and had two novels published, The Colors of Memory and Recuerdos de Milagros, that received critical acclaim in the press.

She was selected for the Sundance and WIF’s Women Initiative, and honored with a Life Achievement award from the Baja Film Festival. She received a Bachelors Degree in film directing and a Masters Degree in screenwriting from the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI), and is represented by CAA and Shooters Films.

1. How did you start directing?

I grew up in a family in which taste for museums, cinema, and literature was encouraged. As a child, I took music, painting, sculpture, ballet, and acting lessons, and was a fan of princesses and the color of Disney films. At eleven, I told my mother I wanted to be a film director because it encompassed all the arts. I put it in writing in a storyboard. My mother saved it and I still have it as a reminder of how I started.

2. What do you recommend to a director who is starting?

To direct as much as he can. You can shoot with your telephone and edit on your computer. The more you do it, the more you learn. This work is learned by doing.

3. What is your visual style?

My cinematographic seal is a proposal of an original camera and with movement, the use of many colors, not as exposed as pink, orange, and apple green, the mixture of times in its structure, the mise-en-scene to enrich humor, a bit of visual effects to emphasize emotions, and the presence of characters that are not perfect.

4. Is there a brand you´d like to work with?

I like brands that do humorous and also intelligent proposals. My style always has quality, elegance, and at the same time humor. And I definitively have a femenine gaze with which women´s products brands or commercials starring women would be the ones I would probably have more sense.
5. What projects are you currently working with?

I am working on projects for the US, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Some are still in initial phases and others are about to come out.
6. Where is Gabriela Tagliavini heading?

I have a great deal of cinema and television projects because I never stop writing, but sometimes the universe decides for me which one comes first. The only thing I can assure is that I go all out and for everything!

Production Company:
Shooters Films, US
Contact: Stephanie Stockli
T +1-786-351-7228

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