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Carol  Delgado

Carol Delgado from Casta Diva: In beauty I think it is important to highlight the desire

30 de marzo de 2020

Brazilian filmmaker Carol Delgado is part of the Casta Diva team, Buenos Aires. With a reel focused on beauty and life style, she brings her creative vision to the production house.

Q: Why are you part of the Casta Diva production company?

CD: I always wanted to work outside Brazil and learn about the filming process in a different culture. And Casta Diva's invitation couldn't come at the best time.

Q: What is your creative signature as a director?

CD: Trying to make beautiful and elegant the simplest shots.

Q: What elements do you consider important to highlight regarding beauty and life style?

CD: In beauty I think it is important to highlight the desire. In life style I think it is important to always try to translate what’s the feeling of the film. If it is a romantic movie, a family movie, a sports movie, I ask myself: what is the feeling that each of these themes inspires in me and what is the best way to translate these feelings into shots, music, art, editing ...

Q: With the incorporation of versatile equipment for filming, what are the challenges directors have for filming?

CD: The challenge has been increasing, because we don't have to deliver just a 30sec movie for TV. Today we have to think about at least 4 different formats and for each format different stories. Therefore, we must be more agile, smarter, more creative, and able to use time in our favor without losing quality. It has been a great challenge.

Q: What inspires you?

CD: It is a difficult question, because my inspiration comes from several places, I am very aware of my surroundings. Human relationships are very interesting, whether romantic, friendship, work. Feature films are a great source of inspiration, of course, I try to watch at least 1 movie a day. And I'm always exercising my creativity in some way, I paint, I make sculptures, I play drums ... Then I get inspired in different ways.

Q: How did you got involve with directing?

CD: Since my childhood I always knew I wanted to direct. Every Christmas I asked for the newest camera (miniDV) and I kept filming things. I started studying film and in the middle my university career I started training and doing small jobs. I always had the camera in my bag, filmed everything and made short films. It was improvised. Filmed and edited. Always attempting to include different narratives. Until one day, when I was 23years old, for a change, I was invited to run my first commercial in Jordan and I never stopped.

Production Company:
Casta Diva, Argentina
Contact: Romina Zollo

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