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Josefina  Pieres

Josefina Pieres of Casta Diva: We must be part of this crisis with supportive creative actions

27 de abril de 2020

Josefina Pieres is an Argentine director and actress, a fan of creating characters and managing their emotional transitions. She works with commercials, but also video clips, manifestos and theater. She is recognized for her high aesthetic level and for the emotional engagement her actors achieve.

She is currently part of Casta Diva Buenos Aires, and has directed commercials for brands such as Pampers, Garnier, among others, and has recently directed video clips featuring important artists.

Her latest campaign, #AislamientoNoEsSilencio (isolation is not silence) was to create awareness against domestic violence. She worked with two other Casta Diva’s female directors and it became viral in social media and had a great echo in the press.

Q: When did you decide to become a director?

JP: I began my career as an actress, which led me to become very interested in directing and I decided, a long time ago, to buy my first camera and little by little I discovered my passion for telling stories through images. First I produced my own content and for well-known people. And one day I got the proposal to direct an actors’ group –which were my friends-, later on I was working with video clips and that was how my projects began to develop. 2011 was when I began a career as an advertising director, and I’ve been part of Casta Diva for almost a year, working together with great directors for very interesting brands.

Q: How do the actress and the director coexist?

JP: They are two universes of different sensitivity and I think that being able to put them together is a great differentiator. They are two intermittent professions, so there are moments when the actress shines more than the director and in others, all the way around.

Q: How do you evaluate the gender gap that persists in the advertising and audiovisual production industry?

JP: I belong to a production company where women have high leading roles. But the reality is that most of women are not the ones in leadership positions. However, I feel that this is changing a lot, and there are no more authoritarian directors. Our generation knows that working in diverse teams is what empowers an idea. It is right to say that I always felt that I had to work twice as hard to show that I was capable. Although perhaps this has to do with my Capricorn ascendant, I have always worked hard to be professionally valued. There is still a long way to go in the fight for wages and quotas rights, but I like to think that the concept of gender gap will be soon something of the past.

Q: Given this pandemic crisis, what advice would you give to directors?

JP: This is a complex situation. It is very difficult to give an advice that applies globally to all directors. At Casta Diva we try to have a strong and fluent communication to remain active. That helps a lot in feeling happy. During the lockdown, in a team chat with the producer, we saw the need to do something for those women who are not having a good time during the enclosure, who live in a home with violence, with pain, unable to express themselves or be heard.

So, together with two more directors and the production team, we developed a campaign that we called #AislamientoNoEsSilencio, which was based on the concept “let's not freeze women's rights”, and we made audiovisual pieces with frozen elements and with the information they need to be heard in a violent situation. It became very viral, it was shared by many people and we know that we helped a lot. I feel that we must be part of this crisis with supportive creative actions that help those in need.

Production Company:
Casta Diva, Argentina
Contact: Romina Zollo

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