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Flaminguettes from Cortez Brothers: Quarantine has taught us to communicate better

12 de julio de 2020

Flaminguettes is a girl-girl creative duo from Mexico City that explores live action, installation, design and animation to create vibrant pieces in bold splashes of color. After a career as Designers, Animators and Directors in recognized animation studios, Mara Soler and Daniela Villanueva decided to team up to explore a more personal, playful and feminine side of their work. This duo specializes in directing, creating and crafting high end visuals for a wide range of clients and situations.

1. How has your reel evolved in recent years?

In the last few years we have had the opportunity to reach several creative dreams that have nurtured our reel. For us, this moment is very interesting because we are crossing interdisciplinary barriers, carrying out comprehensive campaigns in a comprehensive way, from graphics, to video content for social networks or TV.
These experiences have made the reel broader, more vibrant, fun and daring. We have done many commercials for Air France, different car brands such as Toyota and Fiat, carried out huge campaigns for drinks of various types such as Cerveza Victoria or Leche Lala Fresca and donde creative direction for design, installation, music and beauty. Directing still photography for fashion and products has been a very strong interest for us lately, so our print reel has become much more solid and appealing, including print campaigns for Special K up to art for musical albums like Wut Wut from Dillon Francis. In these last few years, the reel has been nurtured by several collaborations with celebrities from the world of Latin American music such as Ximena Sariñana, Nacho and Panteón Rococó. It has even expanded to cover commissioned virtual reality installations.

2. What projects have you worked on recently?

Recently we have been working on several projects, including our greatest love: Múltiples, a new personal short film. Currently, our favorite commercial projects are: graphic image and credit sequence for two television series, Pan y Circo by Diego Luna (Amazon) and Desenfrenadas by Diego Martínez Ulanosky (Netflix). The general creative direction of a musical project by Warner Music that is about to be launched, a commercial for Fiat with urban dancing, a mural with movement for Apple and a fashion film by Ben & Frank with Ximena Sariñana. We also enjoyed very much conceptualizing a totally crazy and over the top reality show and, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic.

3. How has the process of working with Cortez Brothers been?

Working with Cortez Brothers has been a very special adventure. From the first moment we felt a strong connection with the entire team and with the general vision of the production home, so working with them means being in an environment of trust, comfort, and fun. The team has taught us a great deal, and next to them we have grown professionally. Cortez Brothers cares about and encourages our vision in each project and always seeks interesting challenges for us. It is a fortune to work with a team that understands and shares our artistic values, and above all, that believes in our talent.

4. What lessons are you learning from the quarantine?

During this quarantine we have learned that the important thing is not to take anything for granted and to be open to chaos. We have also discovered that you can be equally efficient if you take time to sleep and eat, if you live less in a hurry and if you appreciate the moment. The quarantine has taught us to communicate better, to be more organized with our daily and pending tasks and it has even reminded us of Flaminguettes roots: animation, experimenting and above all, how nice it is to be a creative pair.

5. What advice would you give a young female director facing this new normal?

Our advice for a young director in the new normal would be Take care of yourself! To think that you become successful working until you burn the midnight oil and neglecting your health is a deceit of the old normal. To create original things and direct great teams you must be healthy and in connection with your body. We would also advise being assertive and direct with your client and work team. In the distance, misunderstandings among the crew can be greater and generate huge catastrophes on the set. The new normal requires anticipating even more any situation so as to protect the quality of the projects. It also requires being in touch with the entire crew to know all the angles of the project, flow positively with the team and for all to share the same sense of accomplishment upon finishing the piece.

6. Where is Flaminguettes heading?

We see ourselves in a pink convertible, moving at all speed on a highway in the desert. We are going to L.A to meet with our friends from Cortez Bros. Many shows and videoclips are awaiting for us to direct them, a great deal of commercials to be shot, and many installations to be created! We also see ourselves intervening Toyota buildings with mapping and doing creative runway direction for Gucci.

Production company:
Cortez Brothers, US
Contact: Martin Feuerstein
T +1-310-821-8280

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