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José Luis Cabruja

We achieve a perfect balance between art and effectiveness : José Luis Cabruja from Cabruja Films

14 de septiembre de 2020

José Luis Cabruja is the CEO of Guaraní Films in Paraguay and Cabruja Films in Bolivia. He started his career as a client and became Marketing Manager of Red Buller and Miller. His production companies have won at the El Ojo de Iberoamérica Festival as Best South Region Production Company 2019, they have been finalists at Cannes Lions 2019, and winner of the Bizz Awards as Company of the Year in 2019 in San Francisco, California. He is currently venturing into the US Hispanic market. From his experience he plans to unite the southern region and Miami as production hubs.

1. How is Cabruja Films born?

Cabruja Films is born from its founder, Jose Luis Cabruja`s distancing from marketing. After handling Red Bull and Miller in his country, he managed to identify a need in the South American advertising market. Under this premise, he decided to take action, developing the other part of his training as a publicist, launching his own brand as an audiovisual making company.

2. What is the differentiator of your production company?

Our main differentiator is the commercial vision of the advertising business, we manage a perfect balance between art and effectiveness. We are centered on helping our clients achieve their commercial goals through high-quality audiovisual goals.

3. What is the creative voice you imprint in your productions?

Undoubtedly, our productions have a characteristic seal. This is due to our work team that works like a synchronized machine in each phase of the process, from creativity to execution, always taking care of all the details to achieve optimal results. We are characterized by doing a lot with little, and when we have a lot, we manage to expand the result exponentially.

4. What projects have you worked on recently?

The last important commercials we have made have been with Brahma in Paraguay and with Coca Cola in Bolivia, projects we have worked on together with Mcann Peru and Grey Argentina.

5. Is there a brand you would like to collaborate with? Why?

We would like to collaborate with the Inter Miami Fútbol Club. We are passionate soccer fans and David Beckam´s partner on this team is Marcelo Claure, fellow countryman whom we admire greatly for his success in the US as one of the best executives in the telecom segment.

6. Where is Cabruja Films headed?

The production company is heading towards an expansion in Latam and the US. We will continue doing advertising, but we will also explore the field of series and film realization.

Our forecast is to mute and make alliances that strengthen us in other markets. We want to be present to activate our South region as a new production hub.

Production Company:
Cabruja Films
Contact: José Luis Cabruja
T +1 786 3812 212

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