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Álvaro Hernández

I tend to put the image at the service of characters and storytelling: Álvaro Hernández Juambeltz from Soda Producciones

26 de octubre de 2020

Uruguayan, Argentine and Mexican, by birth and adoptions, the filmmaker Álvaro Hernández Juambeltz has training in Literature, Design, Cinema and Animation. He is obsessed with storytelling in general and audiovisual in particular. He has developed successfully in television and cinema, but above all, in directing advertising pieces. He has had several accomplishments, such as the success of the series Soy Tu Fan on TV in Argentina and Mexico; and several advertising pieces that have been awarded at international festivals like Cannes, London, and Ojo de Iberoamérica, among others.

With a natural facility for comedy and directing actors, his interests do not escape any genre or style, falling in love with each proposal, receiving them as opportunities to create and communicate, to get excited finding the best way to interpret and translate an idea. He is represented by Soda Producciones in Miami, Panama, Venezuela and the Caribbean. Wabi Productions represents him in Mexico and the rest of the U.S.

1. How did you start directing?
A bit by chance. I was finishing highschool in biology when I decided to change my path. I passed arts subjects and started a bachelor's in Literature. After that, I realized that even more than literature, I was attracted by audiovisual storytelling and began going in that direction. I studied cinema, animation cinema, design, photography, I made a couple of shortfilms, started working as a directing assistant. Everything happened very naturally. I don't mean to say it was easy, but yes very spontaneous.

2. While your background is multifaceted, what is your strength as a storyteller?
It 's a mix. There are several things and you always keep improving. I think that something important is the ability to read what is authentic and what not of what is expressed with the actors and the staging, and also a certain intuition to guess how the audience is going to perceive it.

3. How would you describe your visual style? Have you evolved throughout your career?
In general, I think I tend to put the image at the service of characters and storytelling. I am interested in finding an interesting aesthetic that is relevant to what is being told, but trying to be invisible, for the direction not to be noticed, and for everything to feel real, spontaneous. I like to experiment with language, whenever possible, with image, sound, and editing. In advertising, the result is usually very

4. What projects are you currently working on? Do you have anything under way in fiction or documentary?

There is a feature film I wrote with some friends that for a couple of years we have had the intention to shoot. Another director friend and I are developing a series, a comedy. Last year I made a videoclip and I liked it. It is a genre I hadn´t experimented with. I enjoyed it and now have to make another one. And of course, all the advertising work that with the constant evolution of the different media, luckily, is increasingly richer, more varied.

5. What kind of lessons has the pandemic left for you?
It is still soon to know. We keep learning from this situation every day. I think we already knew several things the pandemic showed us, but we were distracted.

6. Where is Álvaro Hernández heading?
I don´t know exactly. For a good while, I will continue telling stories, playing to build realities with the help of friends, and enjoying my work. I don't think too much about the future, I know that is a cliché, but to tell you the truth, living today already keeps me busy enough.