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Sebastián  Sigal

I found as a director a place where I could display my interest in different disciplines: Sebastian Sigal from Oruga Cine

29 de marzo de 2021

With more than 10 years as a director, Sebastián Sigal was born in Buenos Aires in 1983. Not sure of his vocation, he chose to study film directing, screenwriting, dramaturgy, photography, music and acting. In 2018, the Reservoir Books label published his first novel, Chancho de Agua. Despite the versatility of his training, his focus is on the direction of actors, and humor characterized his style.

1. With such a multifaceted profile, how did you begin directing?
I found as a director a place where I could display my interest in different disciplines, pivot between different areas. In addition, working as a team is a constant learning. My first approach to the world of ideas and craft was in the Cinco studio, which gave me a great base to later start directing.

2. What do you enjoy the most about your profession?
I really like the possibility of facing such diverse challenges and tackling them with more or less the same tools. It is like putting together and taking apart different puzzles with the same pieces. The personal mark that a director can bring to a project excites me, because it shows that there are infinite possible puzzles. It also attracts me a lot and gives me a lot of adrenaline to know that you have to be very present in the processes, and that this inevitably ends up affecting the final result.

3. Which is the movie or movies that have made an impact in your career?
All that jazz is one of the films that impacted me the most. Both movies and books, I feel moved by very personal stories or those that challenge the work of an artist. Those kinds of stories in which the unique and unrepeatable stamp of an author surprise you by finding something that you did not see. Simply by portraying unique features of a subject. Reading a good autobiography, for example, makes me feel like finding a gem.

4. Are you currently working on a fiction project?
At this moment I am very focused on my work as advertising director for Oruga. I also have a musical project called Telecine, where I can create from self-management, and somehow, they are small fictions translated into songs or video clips.

5. With such an unprecedented 2020, how do you see the advertising production in 2021?
I have a hard time imagining it. The truth is that 2020 turned us all upside down, it taught me that you don't have to wait so long, but rather take control of what you can and want to do. I see in the last months a big reactivation. Hopefully the pandemic will subside and that working conditions will gradually return to what they were. My wish is that the wheel begins to roll, especially with the large number of people working in the industry.

6. Where is Sigal headed?
My goal is set to never stop learning. Keeping that in mind keeps me energetic, always ready to discover new channels of expression. Three years ago, Penguin Random House published my fictional novel called Chancho de Agua, but I never considered myself a writer. Not even after being published. I like to think that I do not need a certificate to carry out something, so the types of projects that excite me are changing a lot. I believe a lot in the work in the most etymological sense of the word: the idea of construction work as a process.