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Gonzalo Oliveró

I do this for me, it's just something I need: Gonzalo Oliveró of Not Normal

12 de abril de 2021

Gonzalo Oliveró, director for Not Normal U.S  (GM), was born in Barcelona, Spain and since the age of 15 he knew that he wanted to direct. He is passionate about telling visually powerful stories in a realistic and cinematic way, where exploring all kinds of emotions is his main objective. He tries to capture in his stories the intensity and energy of his own life, always pushing them to the limit. He is very agile and versatile during filming, and he finds the creative process to be volatile. He is always open to new possibilities and enjoys improvising on set to find the unexpected. Filming is his way of feeling happy in life, one of his tattoos even says: "I am free when I film."

1. With all your experience as a director, what lessons have you learned during the pandemic for your career?
The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but of course we have also benefited from it. I think the most valuable thing for our business is having demonstrated that we can work with much more agile and efficient processes, without having to go to an office or a meeting. We have been able to view, film and present to our agencies and clients remotely without hurting the process, moreover, I think that in many cases it has been much more agile. Obviously, we miss being in contact with people, having our creatives and clients on set, being able to do team back on site, etc., but I feel that everything has become much more democratic. From my point of view, sometimes it was a waste of time to have to travel to an agency to receive a brief, or even lose half a day to travel to a client or an agency office. We have proven that it can be done remotely. Or for example, something that has improved a lot are those very long copies of work where you arrived in the morning but did not know when you were leaving. By being remote, client approvals are much faster and more efficient, you no longer have to wait for someone “from above” to give the go while we are all waiting.

2. What keeps you motivated when you get to a set? Even by Zoom.
I love what I do so I don't need extra motivation to get to a set. Maybe other parts of the production process feels a bit more cumbersome or tedious, but the set is what I like the most. I still feel nervous waking up and thinking that I have to be on time to film a sunrise. On the set everything can change any moment, unexpected events, and that is enough motivation for me, it is an incredible adrenaline. Personally, I love standing in the middle of a set full of people, it is an ecosystem that motivates me, solve problems and find the right path for each sequence, scene or shot. It's a great adrenaline rush for me. I don't need any other motivation.

3. Is there any contemporary director who inspires you or that you have met recently?
Yes of course. I am inspired by such talented people as Salomon Lightelm, Rob Chiu, James F Coton, Rune Milton, François Rousselet, Romain Gavras, there are many top people who do incredible things, and who feed you with what they do and that is always an extra motivation, of course.

4. Are you currently working in any fiction or documentary project?
Yes, of course. Since I was 14 years old, I wanted to be a movie director. So, this is one of my next medium-term goals. Right now, I have a feature film project that I am rewriting. It is a gender and period film set in Patagonia at the end of the 19th century. I could keep telling you more, but you should put money on the table ha, ha!
At the same time, I am writing two more stories, one about the destruction of the Riviera Maya due to tourism and speculation, and the other is a vampire story but with a new, more realistic twist. Both are still in the writing phase, so I can't tell you much more. And if I could, you would have to put money on the table again ha, ha! So, if there are any interested producers, they know where to contact me!

5. Why did you join the Not Normal team?
I am one of those people who follow their instincts. This way of looking at life sometimes works for you and sometimes not so much, but it is my way of doing things. I am usually guided by what I feel. I think teams work when there is chemistry, and the truth is that when the guys from Not Normal called me to collaborate with them, the connection was immediate. I just liked them!

6.Where is Gonzalo Oliveró headed?
I think the market has been generous to me in recent years, and the truth is that I consider myself a very lucky director. I travel to countries that I would never travel to; I do what I like, I work when I want, I meet new people in each project, and they pay me for it. If I asked for more, i think it would be very selfish, to tell the truth.
One can always ask for more, but for what means? To have more money? To have more recognition? Of course, I am an ambitious person, but I do not want success or money. I just want to be able to continue feeling that passion that I feel every time I win or start a project. I do it because each project is a new challenge. To be able to finish it the best I can, and feel proud of the work done. That's really the only reason I'm doing this: for me, it's just something I need. And of course, in the medium term to be able to focus on making films, which is what my body is already is asking.