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Juan  Frontini

Dedicating only to directing has to do with learning the process thoroughly and choosing the part that I like the most: Juan Frontini of Oruga Films

10 de mayo de 2021

Juan Frontini is a creative with more than 20 years of experience in advertising and television. His work was awarded in the most important festivals in the world: One Show, Cannes and Clio. He was also a judge at the One Show, at the Art Director’s Club in New York, and at the most prestigious festivals in Latin America.

He was Creative Director of Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires and won more than 150 national and international awards.
He was part of the MTV staff where he directed the creativity of the MTV and VH1 signals for Latin America. He later took on the role of Creative Director for MTV World Design Studio, and developed MTV's creative strategies for everyone.
In 2014 he started a new stage in his career, dedicating himself exclusively to directing. He filmed with clients such as Volkswagen, Ford, Coca Cola, Topper, Milka, Sadia, Norton, OLX, and MTV. In 2018 he joined the staff of directors of Oruga Cine.

1. What made you want to be part of the advertising and television world? How did you get there?
A bit was by chance. I was studying Social Communication at the UBA and I was thinking of dedicating to research. When I started the orientation I decided on Advertising, then I got into an agency as a trainee and stayed. That's how it all started and later, between decisions and one or another chance, I went through different media.

2. With more than 20 years of experience in this area, do you think that there are things that have been radically transformed? Is there anything that remains?

I am not against change. it would be worrisome if everything remained as 20 years ago. Of course there are things that are missed, but I feel that this tends to be more related to a romantic than a professional matter. Personally, and as a former writer, I miss those ads that seemed made by writers more than advertising creatives. There was a bit more magic in writing, but there was also more time for reading. Cultural consumption now has another speed and decisions are made in less time. Advertising had to adapt to that.

3. What directors, movies or music inspire you?

Many. I have my favorite classics, both in film and in music, but the truth is that I really like discovering new artists and seeing what is being produced now, beyond what I always liked. What I will never accept is any argument against that The Godfather II is one of the best films ever.

4. What led you to dedicate solely to directing?
I was a writer and then a creative director in agencies. I was Creative Director and also a client at MTV. I started directing while I worked at Y&R. Dedicating only to direction has to do with learning thoroughly the whole process and being able to choose the part that I like the most.

5. Do you have habits or hobbies that nurture your creative processes?

I try to read a lot, watch a lot of movies and series, be as informed as I can. I don't know if these are hobbies but I think they help a lot in a job like this.

6. How has the experience of working with social distancing and in a pandemic been? What lessons do you treasure?
It was difficult, especially last year. Now I think we all have more experience and are used to it. Long ago it would have been ridiculous to imagine a remote shoot and now is one more tool. But it seems to me that the deepest lessons have to do with things that go beyond work. I had very close friends who had a really bad time from Covid. If there is a lesson for everyone, it is the importance of taking care of ourselves and of others. Learn how to be less selfish.