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Roy Raz of In&Out: I like to explore new worlds in the stories I work on

23 de mayo de 2022

Tel Aviv and New York based commercial and music video director, Roy Raz studied cinema at Tel Aviv University from 2000-2004. Prior to directing, he worked as an Executive Producer for McCann Movies Israel, in their commercial production department.

Since 2010 he has been directing and has made a name for himself. He has shot for big talents, like Jennifer Hudson, Gal Gadot, designer Jean Paul Gaultier, dancer Dita von Teese and more as well. Roy is signed by several agencies throughout the world (UK, France, China, Israel, Germany, Ukraine, Russia and more). His unique approach to tabletop, innovative techniques and knowledge in post-production, and whimsical storytelling makes him a triple threat.

1. After living in two cosmopolitan cities as New York and Tel Aviv, do you think this have impacted your work? If it did, how so?

I know it will sound cliche but I find inspiration wherever, usually it's not connected to a specific place, more to a state of mind . Living in NYC and Tel Aviv is utterly different . Tel Aviv is small , like an episode of Cheers , where everybody knows your name and in New York, I've always felt like the small fish in a big pond, so this contrast between the Big Apple and a way smaller city gives a good balance to the creativity and work balance . I have always said that a person (creative person especially) should not live in one place all the time, if the circumstances allow that.

2. What do you look for when you are telling a story?

First, something that moves my gut, freshness and usually a fantastic flare is a plus. I am less of a realistic storyteller. I like to look for uniqueness and explore "new worlds" in the stories I work on. It can be a commercial or music video, or even a short movie, they will all have a fantasy flare.

3. Any project that you remember fondly and want to highlight?

I think that in the start of my career, I directed a video for Dita Von Teese that started my career more seriously, so I'll always remember that one as a unique one, where all the people involved gave their heart and soul, it was a passion project for sure, with extraordinary outcome.

4. When do you think a campaign is effective?

I used to work at McCann before I've started directing, so I think I have a good eye and hunch to have a balance between the cinematic side and the commercial side. The best of two worlds. I think that when I do a project, I never just think about what will be effective visually, but also of the effective aspect this campaign can create. It really differs from script to script, but I'll always look for that hook that will be memorable and effective.

5. What changes do you see in the industry?

My mentor always said that once a storyteller always a storyteller, hence, the aspect of telling a story will never change, the technique will and has, the budgets, the media (digital o tv etc) but the essence of our industry did not change. I think I've seen fashions come and go, but the story will never change that's the base of our job.

6. What are your next goals and ambitions?

Feature films and its already cooking.

Contact: Mari Tato

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