César Sabroso, A+E Networks LatAm: It allowed us to rethink strategy and tactics, but the objectives did not change

A+E Networks LatAm: To date, we have held 36 live virtual events with a great experience for our brands
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de septiembre de 2021

Since the pandemic forced the world to reinvent itself, A+E Networks Latin America has held 36 virtual live press and trade events for its brand portfolio with positive results.

“It allowed us to rethink strategy and tactics, but the objectives did not change. Thanks to this we were able to develop virtual press events, with guests from affiliates and advertising sales. These virtual events were cost-effective for finances because we brought together people from many countries with moderate investment, we gave the user entertainment and closeness and access to content and talent that offer a true brand experience,” said César Sabroso, Senior VP Marketing, Affiliates, PR and Corporate Communications of A+E Networks Latin America.

The virtual events had the support of the Line D team from Argentina, they use VMX and Zoom at the same time and are live.

"We are very proud and satisfied, but at the same time these events allow us to continue reinventing ourselves,” said Sabroso.

Now they are analyzing the format and dates for Upfronts 2021 events, both for advertising sales and the distribution group. “We have not yet decided on the platform to use, but they will be live. We are considering several dates,” Sabroso said.

Within the framework of the Upfront, there will be several announcements related to the big data project. Sabroso also mentioned that they are in the final stage of standardizing the audiences they have on the different platforms. "We are already doing tests with real customers to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of these tools,” he said.

He highlighted the important growth this year in the distribution of the History 2 signal on platforms such as Claro video, with 5 million homes; Tigo Colombia, with 1.2 million; Flow Argentina, with 1.2 million, and TotalPlay, with more than one million. He reported that Lifetime added 1.2 million to Tigo Colombia.

In terms of the original production, he noted the expansion of the Metrópoli franchise with the addition of Metrópoli: Peru (four episodes), which will have a virtual launch event on Tuesday the 14th presented by Marlon Moreno.