Geithner: We’re shooting the miniseries La sangre en el diván for Univisión and Venevisión

Actor Harry Geithner of Televisa: Mexican TV must take more risks because Latin America is gaining ground on it
Vanessa Maldonado|17 de diciembre de 2013

There needs to be a change in Mexican TV, with short realistic stories, moving away from the idea that telenovelas are everything. That is the opinion of actor Harry Gaither, currently residing in the U.S., where he is part of the miniseries produced by Univisión and Venevisión, La sangre en el diván. “Mexico is having a hard time conceding that not everything needs to be a telenovela. Although it continues to be the base of most stories, Latin America is producing shorter stories, teleseries, and I believe Mexico needs to follow that trend. That’s why products like La rosa de Guadalupe or Como dice el dicho work well. Episodic series are booming now and are getting better ratings than telenovelas,” told PRODU Geithner, who was in Mexico to shoot two episodes of the Televisa series Como dice el dicho. He pointed out that countries like Colombia and Chile, do away with taboos and create riskier stories both visually and content-wise, “however, Mexico is more conservative and prefers to do family content. They don’t touch on politics, sex, or the hardship society is suffering, and that’s why other countries are gaining ground on us.” The actor, who recently worked on the telenovela Libre para amarte, added that people are tired of watching remakes, calling them “a worn out format.” He also spoke about his participation in the miniseries La sangre en el diván, which “tells the story of a psychopath who is well-known in Venezuela, and who is discovered to be a serial killer.”