Tim Roth
Actor Tim Roth: I traveled half the world to take a glance at Latin American cinema
13 de diciembre de 2018

At the red carpet of the Cannes Festival Film Week, the actor, producer and director Tim Roth were one of the guest celebrities in the activities of Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires. It was his first participation.

He comments that Argentinean and Latin American cinema, and this event, in particular, are being noticed, which is very interesting, "that is why I flew across half the world to take a glance at it."

He is currently producing the next film of the Mexican director Michel Franco, whom he met through Thierry Frémaux, Director of the Cannes Festival, “he introduced me to Franco when I was president of the jury of Un Certain Regard in Cannes. I am producing his upcoming film, I might act in it, and in the one after that, I would have the lead role." As for the new age of entertainment and the entrance of Netflix in the market, he says it is not new, it is more a change, and that as an actor it is good since it is another market to aim at. "I think we all need to keep in mind how people see films, how they see entertainment. That is changing, and how my children see it, how they watch TV or how they watch movies are changing and we need to keep that in mind to get stronger about it, and I think that what Thierry should do in Cannes is welcome this."