Ulloa from Entravision, Adriana Cisneros from Cisneros, and Jorge Ramos from Univision during the media talk at The Paley Center for Media

Ad network business jumps between 40% and 60%
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de abril de 2021

The majority investment that Entravision made in Cisneros Interactive in Latin America at the end of 2020, was one of the main topics that Adriana Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros, and Walter Ulloa, chairman, and CEO of Entravision Communications, addressed at the talk Transforming the digital media space from the inside out, organized by The Paley Center for Media and moderated by Jorge Ramos from Univisión. Both also explained the process of transition from traditional to digital in both companies.

“The genesis of our digital age can be dated 10 years ago when I became CEO and we realized that the content we produced for Univision was generating connection as third-party user content and which was not being monetized. We created a digital agency to focus on this area of the ad network,” commented Cisneros.

For Cisneros talking about pennies in digital no longer exists, "Latin America has taken a five-year-jump in digital advertising," she said. However, she explained, that although the amount of advertising investment dollars in digital networks is still lower than in traditional media, the growth of digital dollars has been between 40% and 60%.

“The money is in the ad network that Walter and we have built. There is much more potential for growth in digital marketing than in TV,” said Cisneros.

Despite the covid they grew 40% in 2020, she added.

Regarding the meaning of the Televisa-Univisión merger for the Spanish media market, Ulloa said: “It is going to create a stronger Univision. It will be fully aligned and will have more cash flow.” Entravision owns the largest group of networks affiliated with Univision. For her part, Cisneros commented: "It is another great client that we can help to monetize their digital content."