Peter Fousas, Canoe; Marcien Jenckes, Comcast Advertising; Mike Dean, ViacomCBS; Steve Silvestri, Discovery, and John Collins, Media Storm

Advanced Advertising Panel: Operators and programmers should work together to advance in addressable TV
06 de agosto de 2021

For an advanced advertising and targeted ad strategy to work, TV programmers and operators must work together. This conclusion was supported by the panel “Advanced advertising experiences in the US market”, held in the framework of the seminar “The power of addressable TV and contextual advertising in VOD”, organized by LAMAC, Canoe Ventures, and BB.

The panel, composed by Marcien Jenckes, president of Comcast Advertising; Mike Dean, Senior VP of Advanced Advertising at ViacomCBS; Steve Silvestri, SVP of Advanced Advertising at Discovery, and John Collins, Managing Director of Broadcast & iTV at Media Storm; was moderated by Peter Fousas, VP of Sales for Canoe Ventures.

For Collins, addressability is an essential component for the media to remain competitive, "we need to make our inventories smart," he pointed out.

For Dean of ViacomCBS, targeted ads are the most engaging and increase revenue for advertisers. "It's a winning relationship," he says.

Jenckens said that the company invested with Canoe Ventures and others in order to deliver the best consumer experience in terms of targeted ads.

According to Dean the display of ads supports the content, "it's an exchange and when we bring in targeted ads, we are enhancing that exchange." He added that addressable TV offers media buyers and advertisers options. "When we can divide the units into impressions, we can bring more advertisers to TV, advertisers who might be buying local TV and not just social media." he pointed out.

The panelists recommended their Latin American counterparts to bet on addressable TV, to take the risk and not miss the opportunity. “There is great value in joining and working the market. Don't wait for the perfect solution,” they said.