Alejandro Mallarino, Product Marketing director at Caracol TV

Alejandro Mallarino from Caracol TV: Netflix gave Caracol an amazing alliance

19 de septiembre de 2019

Alejandro Mallarino, Product Marketing director at Caracol TV, stated that they are very satisfied with consumers´ reactions when seeing Bolívar. "Netflix gave Caracol an amazing alliance that has served us both to expand the market. Netflix has a great audience that is easy to segment according to the type of product the user wants to see, then having heard such good comments about this series means that all the Netflix audiences are super connected to this product, from the youngest to the eldest," he assured.

Mallarino expressed that in Caracol they are thrilled over finally launching the product in Colombia, after it had its debut worldwide since June, thanks to Netflix. "We want to see people´s reaction in Colombia. It is one of the most ambitious productions ever seen in this country, it is an amazing voyage".

The ambition is not only limited to the budget, the location or the actors: Mallarino is of the opinion that its great value lies in the scripts and the rigor they were written with. "The script has very accurate data, it is a well-told story. An amazing series in which things that were unknown about Bolívar are told".