Alfredo Pantin, financial director of Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic, is enthusiastic about the future of the company

Alfredo Pantin: We have good muscle and financial security
11 de mayo de 2022

Alfredo Pantin, recently appointed financial director of Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic, made the leap from the food industry to the television industry. He has extensive financial knowledge and great expectations, financially speaking, of his new position in entertainment, and of course, for Banijay.

"In Banijay we have great financial security and a good livelihood, everything is financially guaranteed," Pantin said about the company's financial model regarding its productions, in addition to co-producing with third parties.

Pantin said that he and his team are extremely enthusiastic about the future of the company, which just opened new offices in Polanco and one of the largest studios in Mexico.

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