Alfredo Rodríguez, VP of DishLATINO

Alfredo Rodríguez, DishLATINO: The biggest obstacle for the Hispanic market is consumer education
13 de diciembre de 2011

Hispanic consumers tend to adopt technological advances in their early stages. We feel TV Everywhere is not the exception. The TV industry is undergoing interesting changes and it’s not yet clear how the story will end. What is clear is that the consumer is the one determining the outcome. He said TV Everywhere is relatively new for the Hispanic market. It is not by accident that our most recent campaign Me Conviene mentions the most advanced TV Everywhere technology we offer through a device called Sling, where our clients can watch everything that is on TV –whether on the DVR or live- on any of their mobile devices. It’s interesting to see how the viewer dynamic changes when they have more viewing choices than they paid for. The biggest obstacle for the Hispanic market regarding TV Everywhere is consumer education. It’s a process we need to continue just like we did with the DVR, HD and digital TV.