Héctor Costa, SVP Ad Sales at AMCNI LatAm: The key will be to identify how to reach consumers and then captivate them

AMCNI: 2020 a year of trials and errors
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|10 de enero de 2020

Héctor Costa, SVP Advertising Sales at AMCNI Latin America, commented that 2019 has been a complicated year for the pay-TV industry in the region and that companies are trying to reinvent themselves to compensate for the revenues they had previously.

“In our particular case, we have been having a year of growth, although it has not been the same as we had in the past three, in two important markets such as Brazil and Mexico, where ratings favored us, particularly in Mexico,” explained Costa.

The main growth they have had was due to the actions they did with the original productions of El Gourmet, which has allowed them to work with advertisers in and out of the artistic world, and in the case of AMC, they used the successful series from AMC Studios to offer specific actions both on the linear screen and on digital platforms.

He added that they are working on the non-linear business and on new products to reach the viewer the way they wish to consume and evaluating how they can monetize this. In 2020 the key will be to identify how to reach consumers and then captivate them.

“It will be a year of trials and errors and of a lot of challenges, and due to the socioeconomic changes, we don´t know what is going to happen with those markets," he concluded.