Angela Colla, Head of International Sales for Globo, at NATPE Showcase with Ríchard Izarra

Angela Colla of Globo at the PRODU Showcase: Telenovelas are among the most-watched on platforms and attracting new audiences 
26 de enero de 2022

“On OTT platforms, and on ours, Globoplay, telenovelas tend to be among the most-watched content and those that attract new audiences,” said Angela Colla, Head of International Sales for Globo, at NATPE Showcase with Ríchard Izarra.

Angela presented two telenovelas and two series. The first was Vidas ajenas (Others Life), a psychological drama that, since its launch, was the leader in prime time in Brazil. Even the second most viewed content on Globoplay. “We already consider it a super hit! A story about the exchange of identities of two twins who were separated in childhood. A classic story that is very interesting, exciting, with a lot of drama, and that basically involves a great love that one of them left behind.” Its protagonist is Cauã Reymond, the famous Jorginho from Avenida Brasil. It is written by the same author of La Vida Sigue (Lícia Manzo), a famous success well known in the international market.

Colla also introduced the telenovela Solo se Vive Dos Veces (You Only Live Twice). A romantic comedy, which is also the leader of access primetime in Brazil. It is a story about second chances, of living intensely. A light novel, very enjoyable for the whole family, with Giovanna Antonelli as one of the protagonists, the main star of our classic El Clon (The clone).

The first series Angela presented was Bajo Presión (Under Pressure). She announced that the fifth season was already confirmed. “It is one of the most successful series in the history of Globo. A winning franchise. A medical drama with ordinary heroes. They are ordinary doctors doing their best to save lives in the chaotic routine of a hospital lacking resources. It deals with the personal dramas of doctors and their patients. In Brazil, the first four seasons have already been broadcast on open TV, leading in ratings. It is also one of the most viewed content on Globoplay. We licensed previous seasons for more than 70 countries.”

The second series presented at the showcase was Aruanas: “We are already in the second season. It is a very interesting eco-thriller with a very contemporary theme, starring very strong women who fight against environmental crimes. They are activists of an NGO. The first season focused on the Amazon, and now, in the second, they fight against urban pollution. A story with purpose and lots of action. We firmly believe in the power of the story. We already licensed the first season for several countries such as Portugal, France, Croatia, Belgium. And now we have great expectations about the second.

To conclude, Angela referred to the transformation that Globo has undergone in recent years to become a mediatech company, which combines creativity, data and the use of technology in favor of strategic content. “That is what we hope for: to have the ability to strengthen our strategic content so that it is an important part of the programming.”

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