Verónica Velasco, Content director, Argos: Focused on creating series that go from 8 to 20 episodes

Argos: We consider that the platforms are the window to the world
30 de septiembre de 2022

Argos Communications attended to Iberseries Platino Industria, and its Content director, Verónica Velasco, mentioned that 30 years after the company was founded production formats have changed, therefore they are focused on creating series that go from 8 to 20 episodes in order to satisfy the demand of the platforms, which she considered a window to the world.

“Series are the current trend, before we used to talk about 120-episode projects because telenovelas was what we made due to its profitability, and in 30 years the market has changed a lot, the way how audiovisual content is consumed has shifted so much with the arrival of platforms, that opened the window to the world and perhaps shot our eyes within our countries. You have to think from the global to the local and if we find that argument that can be shared in other parts of the world, it will make your content travel,” she explained.

The director shared that for executing productions she feeds on what happens around her, taking elements from her journalistic training that allow her to observe, listen and see how the world moves: “My inspiring muse is society itself, what happens, its interests and concerns. I am interested in collecting those stories and developing them safely as fiction, creating possible new worlds as of what we live, that encourages, interests and inspires me to create some original content.”

Finally, she gave her opinion on female representation in society and, above all, in the audiovisual industry, taking into account that in Mexico 51% of the population are women: “There is still no equal representation. As women, we still have to fight to show that we are not behind a man, but rather that we are at the same level. In talent it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, but male domination and patriarchy continues."