Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos Comunicación

Argos: We must give the audience what they deserve, not just what they want

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|22 de enero de 2015

After signing agreements with production houses such as Varelia and Mex Filmanova to produce three series for Spain and Latin America, Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos Comunicación, said a main objective of the company was to gain a solid foothold in Europe and consolidate its productions in the U.S. Hispanic market. “Although our Telemundo content is distributed in over 45 countries, we want this alliance with Spain to be the anchor our entry into Europe. We will develop interesting projects for Spain and Latin America with competitive prices, but we also want to consolidate our strategic vision in the U.S. Hispanic market, which is vital for us. We must give the audience what they deserve, not just what they want,” said Ibarra. He exalted the series Cortar El Puente, which describes the murder of six Basque Jesuit priests in El Salvador in 1989, an event relevant to Spain, and one the producer lived closely when he was a war correspondent. “At Argos, we captured a fiction based on historical facts, about Spanish characters, narrated by a Mexican journalist,” he added. According to Ibarra, the strategy will continue to be production of original content that resonates with the audience, “with familiar faces and the taste and smell of a local production. We need to find the way to serve our audience with the highest-quality products. In our industry, we must respect the audience, the production team and ourselves, and that way, you’ll have a product that stands out.”