Arturo Chávez, Latino Content VP at Dooya and managing partner at Delart Distribution

Arturo Chávez from Dooya attends the FICG looking for series in different production stages, and films for Adsmovil's Nuestra.TV
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de junio de 2022

Arturo Chávez, Latino Content VP at Dooya and managing partner at Delart Distribution, attend the International Festival of Guadalajara (in Spanish FICG), looking for formats for series and series in different distribution stages in Guadalajara Construye for Adsmovil's Nuestra.TV.

They are also looking for new or recent movies to debut on the platform in the action, romance and comedy genres.
“We are very proud to partner with Adsmovil who has 10 years of experience in digital sales in the US and is their official aggregator for the platform Nuestra.TV” expressed Chávez.

He mentioned that Nuestra.TV, which in its initial phase is launching with 15,000 hours of content and several FAST channels. In a second phase, by mid-2023, it has plans to offer sports and lifestyle podcasts, as well as "everything that can interest our audience, such as original and exclusive productions”.

The new content Chávez is working on includes educational entertainment programs featuring the programs by SUMA, a company owned by Beatriz Acevedo, empowering Latinos to handle their finances better (SUMA Wealth); the animated children's series Marivi, created by María Twena from Adsmovil, for bilingual and bicultural children “who in school learn about the US and at home learn about their Latin roots”; and the series Buen Provecho with Latina Approved, two Latina influencers -Tania Estefany and Lily B.- who are going to create 20-minute original programs offering food recommendations

Another type of content that Chávez is seeking for the platform is true crime "that has a connection with the Latino market".

Regarding FAST channels which are designed for the platform, they already have one dedicated to narco, titled Mi Narco Canal, another potential one is Hollydub (dubbed Hollywood films), for which they already have 90 hours. Chávez clarified that to launch a FAST channel, you must have at least 120 hours of content to start.