Paul Bouche, host and creator of the web series and Chief Creative Officer of Astracanada Productions

Astracanada Productions releases new original VOD series Historias de la Televisión de A Oscuras Pero Encendidos
20 de enero de 2023

Astracanada Productions, Inc. announced the release of its new original VOD series entitled Historia de la Televisión de A Oscuras Pero Encendidos.

Historias de la Televisión de A Oscuras Pero Encendidos will take viewers behind the scenes to witness historic, iconic, controversial, and extraordinary moments in the history of television through exclusive interviews with the stars, media personalities, producers, and executives that made them possible. From historic appearances to current controversies, no subject is taboo in this revealing new web series.

On its first webisode entitled La Entrevista Perdida de Ricardo Fort audiences will discover the fascinating stories behind Ricardo Fort’s first and only TV interview on US Television, while he attempted to launch a singing and modeling career in the United States and Latin America in the mid-’90s.

In this episode, fans will discover a completely different Ricardo Fort, both from a physical and emotional perspective. A humble, shy, and mild-mannered artist that drastically contrasts with the flamboyant and boasting personality that he later became famous. Roxana Garcia, Andrea Salvo, and Paul Bouche partake in this fascinating alternative, behind-the-scenes look at the iconic Argentine megastar.

The webisodes release coincides with the launch of the Disney / Star+ docuseries El Comandante Fort, which also features exclusive content from Astracanada’s iconic Late-Night television show A Oscuras Pero Encendidos.

“The producers of Disney and Star+ could not believe their eyes when they saw the interview Paul conducted with Ricardo in 1998. Through its inclusion in the docuseries El Comandante Fort we know that fans of Ricardo Fort all over Latin America will get to see and enjoy part of this uniquely interesting, fascinating, and entertaining gem of television history” said, Diego Tarantino, Astracanada Productions’ managing partner.

“We know that after seeing the clips in the Star+ docuseries the audience will be eager to see the full interview and find out how it all happened, so we decided to give fans an exclusive look behind the scenes through our YouTube channel and social media platforms. While millions know Ricardo Fort’s larger-than-life, vociferous, flamboyant persona and custom-made physique, very few of us were able to witness this drastically different, humble, kind, and aesthetically natural version of the ultra-famous heir to the Fort fortune,” said Paul Bouche, host and creator of the web series and Chief Creative Officer of Astracanada Productions.

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