Aurelio Valcárcel, new Fiction Production director of Mexico's Cadenatres

Aurelio Valcárcel in his first interview in Cadenatres: Between June and July we will film our first project

24 de febrero de 2015

Aurelio Valcárcel, new Fiction Production director of Mexico's Cadenatres, said to PRODU in its new offices inside the Excélsior Newspaper, that between June and July they will start filming their first project under his administration. "We are exploring different genres; we have discussed miniserios, 60 to 80 episode series, 120 episode novelas, episodic series. We are working on that inside the wide world of fiction and I estimate that by mid June or July we will already be filming our first project". He added that it would take place as a joint production. The newspaper Excélsior, founded 98 years ago, is part of the Grupo Imagen, to which Cadenatres, Excélsior TV, Imagen Radio and Reporte 98.5 FM also belong. In its headquarters, a centenary building, emblematic of the Paseo de la Reforma, Cadenatres has its offices, including Valcárcel's new office, now undergoing remodeling works. "I have been in the position just two and a half weeks. I was contacted in December, I came, we had a meeting and I was fascinated by the company, the channel, and by the expectations; here I found a group of producers from the different departments who welcomed me warmly. I am very eager to do good and different things," he expressed. In the interview, filmed on video, he referred to the 12 years he spent in Telemundo Studios: "It went very well, it was a great experience. I learned important things, getting to know the Spanish speaking world in the US. I think we did a great job and I acquired great experience that I will implement in Mexico".