Fidela Navarro, director of AZ TV de Pag

AZ TV de Paga: We relaunched AZ Noticias
19 de junio de 2015

Azteca TV de Paga relaunches its 24-hour news channel, AZ Noticias. Under the slogan Siempre Presente the channel has a new information, sports and specialized offer throughout the day which complements and deepens the traditional information services of open TV. “AZ Noticias is unique in the category of pay TV information channels. It is an extensión and complement of other information services of Azteca in different platforms, but with their own identity, content and goals”, said Fidela Navarro, director of AZ TV de Paga. Enrique Valdés Bremont, executive produer of Azteca Noticias, highlighted the strengths of a cannel such as this one. “The commitments of open TV, based on linear programming grids focused on entertainment and with very marked schedules for news, do not allow to deepen into occurrences or events that happen at any moment of the day; that is why a 24-hour news channel allows a complete coverage, also enriched with programs for reflection and analysis”. To the information and analysis on politics, society, culture, technology, wellbeing and health, justice and culture, they will add analysis, special events coverage, and information on extreme sports and boxing on weekends. The relaunching is accompanied by a launching campaign, “the passion to inform”, four pieces that embody Azeca’s philosophy, their way to cover events and their commitment with the audience.