Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital

Azteca Digital: All our products are launched with sponsors
Maye Albornoz|26 de abril de 2019

Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital, assured that all their digital products are launched with sponsors, due to the results they have achieved. In the Azteca Mesh event, they presented new original content and more tools to boost the scope of what they offer on their channels, now through digital platforms.

MVP, Muestra Tu Valor Participando, was one of the outstanding products. It is an interactive platform on which the audience can interact in real time, which is handled through Facebook: “It is the only game of this sort in Mexico. First, we launched it for sports, but we are going to deploy
it in other topics. It can be played every Monday and Wednesday at 9pm,” he explained.

He also mentioned Mis Nius, a newscast on Instagram Stories, and announced three others: Tomando Acción, about finances; Mis Memes, around celebrities, and El Bar, that covers sports, as well as original digital content associated with their programs La Voz, MasterChef, Enamorándonos and Venga la Alegría, with which they obtained 3 million videos viewed organically in their first season. Likewise, they will have a digital spin-off of the fictions Rosario Tijeras 3 and Hernán Cortés.

Aliaga stated that they are in continuous innovation, which has rendered excellent results and that is manifested in their metrics and the trust advertisers have in them: "All our products are sold. The reality of the chef Benito, now, Adrián Herrera's, too. Additionally, the reality Venga la Alegría 2 is sold. In La Voz, we have the brand Lala and AT&T that entered America vs. Chivas to do an MVP in the halftime. We are advancing and are barely starting. We are #1 in interactions in Mexico”.