Elisa Salinas, director of Azteca Novelas

Azteca Novelas: Returning to the roots that made us successful 20 years ago

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|13 de enero de 2015

In early 2015, Azteca Novelas will premiere two new telenovelas, Así En El Barrio Como En El Cielo (February 16th), and Uepa, Un Escenario Para Amar (April). These are the most recent additions to the changes in branding and programming of El Trece. Elisa Salinas, director of the telenovela division, said each of the upcoming projects return to the melodrama roots that made the channel successful 20 years ago. “We have great projects. We have changed the channel’s image and its content. We’re working on alternative products, many of them going back to our roots, with solid talent, intelligent and proactive, that made us successful 20 years ago. The audience is asking for different content,” said Salinas. In response to the new strategy of shooting ahead, as was the case of Así En El Barrio Como En El Cielo, produced by Fides Velasco –which premieres on February 16th and kicked off production last August-, Salinas said “today’s telenovelas require a lot of time and this story was very complex in regards to production, so it required even more time.” Lastly, she said the channel would continue to bring to its screen international stories, such as those from Brazil, Turkey and Korea, considering “there is niche that enjoys international products and we’ll always have space for foreign products.”