Elisa Salinas, director of Azteca Novelas

Azteca: We will produce four telenovelas for primetime in 2015

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de enero de 2015

After a good fiscal year and with the goal of creating innovative content in 2015, Elisa Salinas, director of Azteca Novelas, told PRODU that the strategy of the Azteca division was to create short stories and will produce four telenovelas for primetime. “Primetime has recovered financially. The moves we’ve made have been received well by the audience. We have the challenge of continuing innovating and, in response to it, we’ll keep our production pace with four telenovelas for the 8pm and 9pm time slots, we will reinforce the 4pm slot, and continue with Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres at 5pm. We will also add weekend series, featuring short stories of about 60 to 80 episodes,” said Salinas. She emphasized the company will pay attention to what the competition will put on screen, and “what we’ll do depends a bit on the direction they want to go, because we expect them to bring strong products. Mexican television will undergo changes, no just because of the arrival of new players, but also because of the different regulations and the growth of other platforms, so we need to be flexible and not always feature our product in the same time slot.” She announced Azteca Novelas would start the year with Fides Velasco’s Así En El Barrio Como En Cielo, in addition to the shooting of new telenovelas such as the one by Javier Pons, scheduled to premiere in April. Lastly, Salinas said the company would continue acquiring foreign productions and did not rule out the possibility of featuring Turkish stories.