Marc Bruder announced they converted to HD and dubbed into Spanish a package of 1,000 hours of classic US TV shows from GMI

BRI: We licensed two major wrestling events to Televisa and Univision
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de octubre de 2021

The distribution company Bruder Releasing Inc (BRI), chaired by Marc Bruder, licensed the rights of 14 new matches of the World Wrestling Organization -WWO of Mexican wrestling to Televisa, that will be responsible of its distribution in North and South America for the merged Televisa-Univision entity, Pluto TV and other networks.

“A year ago, Televisa licensed 14 shows from the most recent season, which during 2020 did not take place due to covid, and now they are already being produced. The shows are being recorded in Tijuana and San Diego,” commented Bruder.

In addition to these matches, Televisa and Univision are also acquiring the rights to 300 hours in English and Spanish of BRI's Championship Wrestling From Hollywood (CWFH), never before seen in Latin America.

"We are talking about professional wrestling, with superstar wrestlers from the US. The company has been in business for 30 years and their fights were only available on US pay-per-view. It will be the first time they will be seen in Latin America. They recently filmed matches in Los Angeles,” explained Bruder.

Bruder also referred to the creation of a VOD platform with Sky-DIRECTV Latin America of erotic titles that his company Cable Entertainment Distribution (CED) will be offering. “In the US we have three CED channels and they provide different types of late-night erotica.”

In addition, Bruder announced that they have just turned to HD and dubbed into Spanish a package of a thousand hours of classic US TV shows from Global Media International (GMI) such as Superman, The Rifleman, The Beverly Hillbillies, Félix the Cat, The Three Stooges and Flash Gordon. "We are presenting it to Megacable, Cablevisión, TV Azteca, Sky-DIRECTV, Claxson, Televisa, Univisión and Claro video, among others,” said Bruder.

Another project is the distribution in Latin America of The Space Channel. Currently the signal is distributed in different VOD systems in the US and in Comcast.

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