José Gerardo Guillén is the director, showrunner of the concept of the series, and executive producer

Bright Group Productions: With Entre Bordes, we seek to create a docuseries about the drama of illegal immigrants crossing the border
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de julio de 2021

Entre Bordes, a 10-minute documentary on the US-Mexico border immigration problem; created by former Telemundo producer José Gerardo Guillén, along with Verónica Schneider, Luis Luyando, and Milton Kislinger, with whom he created the production company Bright Group Productions, aims to be the basis for a docuseries on the issue.

Guillén, who is the director, showrunner of the concept of the series, and executive producer; points out that the docuseries will have half-hour episodes that put together the more than 40 stories obtained during the recording of this first 11-day experience traveling the US-Mexico border.

"It is a documentary that has a narrative that appeals to emotions, not only to the facts, telling stories that are painful, but that seeks to create awareness in the common citizen," said Guillén.

Entre Bordes was released on June 25 on Mega TV and EVTV Miami. Now they are in talks with two large free-to-air TV channels: one from Guatemala and the other from the US Hispanic, for the docuseries.

A couple of cameras - Canon and Sony - of the latest generation as well as cell phones were used for the production. “We did post-production with top-notch people: editing on Avid, color correction on Davinci, and the music with someone with a lot of experience. The graphics gave us a different product,” he said.

Each member of Bright Group Productions brought a different skill to the project: Guillén with more than 29 years of production career; Schneider is an actress and writer; Luyando, with 10 years as executive VP of Puma TV and more than 15 years as a talent manager, is the executive producer, and Milton Kislinger, a New York-based photographer, is in responsible for the photography.

View trailer Entre Bordes here