Nancy Dubuc of A+E Networks; Rob Marcus of Time Warner Cable; Jerald Kent of Suddenlink Communications; John Martin of Turner Broadcasting System Inc. and, John Skipper of ESPN and Disney

Cable operators and programmers demand a more user-friendly authentication process for TV Everywhere
Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Los Angeles|06 de mayo de 2014

Panelists at the forum Brought To You By Broadband: A Faster, Better And More Entertaining Future, agreed that a more user-friendly authentication process for TV Everywhere is critical for cable operators. The panel was composed of Nancy Dubuc, president and CEO of A+E Networks; Rob Marcus, Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable; Jerald Kent, Chairman and CEO of Suddenlink Communications; John Martin, CEO of Turner Broadcasting System Inc.; and John Skipper, president of ESPN, Inc. and Co-Chairman of Disney Media Networks. They indicated pay-TV is healthy and solid. Kent of Suddenlink Communications said there are still opportunities for growth, especially now that the market is undergoing a phase of corporate consolidation. ESPN’s Skipper said cable has the best product and does not fear competitors like Netflix, and that his company had one of the most coveted programming genres: live sports. “150 million people watch sports every week,” he said, adding that the industry must work together “to promote the value of the pay-TV market.” Turner’s Martin said the broadband explosion has broken distribution barriers. “I believe it’s incredible and a great victory for consumers,” he added. Martin said Turner invests US$14 billion in programming every year and that his company is worth US$70 billion.